The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 6 will feature Ragman rejoining Team Arrow and a two-part episode focusing on Manu Bennet's character, Deathstroke.

Ragman returns

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed Rory Regan a.k.a. Ragman will rejoin Team Arrow in season 6 after the latter replied to a fan's question on Twitter. Rory will return in episode 5 as the first episodes of this season will focus on the events in the Lian Yu and the fallout from what happened in the previous season.

Ragman became one of the new recruits for Team Arrow in season 5 along with Wild Dog, Mister Terrific, and Artemis.

His rag suit allows him to control the cloth tendrils for long range attacks and protects him from bullets.Ragman was the only survivor in the Havenrock incident after Damien Darhk fired a nuclear missile at the town in season 4.

Rory lost his powers after containing a nuclear explosion inside a Russian airport. As a result, he is forced to leave Team Arrow as he needs to find the way to restore the suit's powers. Ragman will be a great asset to the team as they face the new big bad in Star City, Richard Dragon.

Dragon will not be alone as the showrunners confirmed that he will have his own team to fight Oliver Queen. Not to mention, that Team Arrow will also fight Black Siren the first half of the show.

Deathstroke episodes

Guggenheim announced that Slade Willson's episode will be divided into two parts, complete with the latter's own flashback scenes. He told Collider that Slades's solo adventures will be aired in episode 5 and 6, and he revealed the reason for the character's delayed return to the show.

The showrunner explained that DC had other plans for Deathstroke since Warner Bros.

announced that the deadly mercenary will be part of the DC Extended Universe and will first appear Ben Affleck's "Batman" movie as its main antagonist.

Viewers will learn more about Slade's past in the flashback scenes before he met Oliver on the Lian Yu. One of his sons will also appear in the show, but it is unknown if the producers will cast a young Grant Wilson or his brother, Joe.

Grant first appeared in the first season of "Legend of the Tomorrow" as the ruler of Star City in the year 2046. Joe is Slade's youngest son and he is a member of the Teen Titans under the code name Jericho. He has the ability to possess people, controlling their movements as long as the host's body is unconscious.

"Arrow" season 6 will premiere on Oct. 12, 9 PM on the CW Network.