Amy Roloff has been with her boyfriend Chris for a while and it has really seemed like things are going well for them. He was even seen on the recent season of "Little People, Big World" which the fans love. Now she is getting a hard time for allegedly being seen flirting with a guy that isn't her boyfriend. This all went down at the Roloff farm where she still works with her ex-husband Matt, but it wasn't him she was allegedly flirting with at the farm.

What was Amy allegedly seen doing?

Amy Roloff was seen with a silver fox and was allegedly flirting with him.

There were a lot of fans that were at the farm and it could have just been someone that was trying to get to know Amy better. Chris was nowhere to be seen at all, though. Amy had a huge smile on her face in the one picture she took with this person. She wasn't seen doing anything but taking pictures, though.

After this day was over, Amy talked about a fan on her Instagram page. The thing is maybe she was talking about the silver fox she was pictured with in the photo. She said that there was a fan who is terminally ill who came out to meet her. This guy was told that he has about six more months to live. Amy shared details saying, "On his bucket list is to visit as many places as he can [with] his wife.

One place was Roloff Farms, to meet us and get a picture with his wife. What do you say to that. I was humbly thankful to meet him." If this is who Amy was pictured with, then it is pretty sad she is getting a hard time about enjoying time with a fan. Amy hasn't said a word about the rumors yet, but the fans would love to hear her side of this story.

Could Amy and Chris be over?

Amy Roloff hasn't shared that things are over with her boyfriend Chris, but she hasn't been posting about him either. It was clear back in September when she posted her last picture with him. On September 8, she went on a double date and she shared a picture of that on her page. Amy hasn't shared anything since then and so now the fans are wondering if something is going on with them.

Maybe they just aren't sharing all over social networks, but there could be called it quits and just aren't telling the fans yet.

Do you think that Amy Roloff and her boyfriend Chris may have split? Do you feel like these two are a great couple? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" when it returns to TLC with new episodes. If Amy and Chris have split, then they will probably share about it on the show.