Season 1 of "The Good Doctor" is off to a great start with fans of the show already lining up to fully support the message. Due to the positive feedback from the pilot episode, the show has been picked up for a full season and we're all celebrating! The last episode left Shaun stuck doing everyone's dirty work and having to get used to learning whether he should follow protocol or his intuition. Yet, it is his fixation on detail that leads him to save a little girl with an unnoticed diagnosis. He makes a triumphant victory by not just saving a patient during his first day on the job, but also gaining Dr.

Andrews support ( even if it was for selfish reasons ).

On the clock

The episode starts out with Claire finding out a liver was just donated from a nearby hospital, which would fit in perfectly with a patient of hers scheduled for liver surgery due to take place in eight hours. Though it seems Shaun was off scut work and back on suction duty he is sent to deliver the liver from a neighboring hospital with Claire. Though Claire sees it more as a punishment Shaun, being who he is, sees it as a learning opportunity and a chance to save someone's life, which we all know is the reason he became a surgeon. Stakes are high as it's apparent that every minute counts, for the team has a very narrow time frame to send the liver into the theater.

Yet what seems like a simple helicopter ride there and back turns into a slew of obstacles that Shaun and Claire have to go through if they want to get back in time for the surgery.

Trial and error

If you thought the only person learning something from this little trip would be Shaun then you were horribly wrong. Though not intentional along the way Claire learns how to, in Dr.

Glassman's words "find her way in" when it comes to Shaun. Ever since the first episode, it has been clear that even though Claire tries, which is more then we can say for the others, she is unable to connect with Shaun. Seeing as they are working together as a part of a team, communication really is key. You can not simply go into surgery alone.

Everyone else involved plays a vital part in assisting you through the complexities which are in the human body.

When the temperature in the freezer storing the liver starts rising from that of optimal preservation, both Claire and Shaun have to think fast in order to keep it from being compromised. Rushing to the nearest gas station they are only greeted with more bad news, there's no more ice. Thinking fast Claire tries putting frozen goods on top of the liver but it doesn't seem to work. Feeling frustrated and with time running out she looks to Shaun for help. But instead, Shaun is unresponsive as he stares off into the swirls of the slushie machine. Claire, trying to get an answer, starts bombarding him with a million questions only to get nothing in return.

After his pause of silence, he finally tells her that the liver has to be submerged for the temperature to go back to normal.

As they pour the blue slushie into the freezer Claire realizes something. "You don't like questions do you?" she asks and Shaun confirms that he doesn't. This drastically helps Claire in her communication with Shaun as a colleague and a friend. (Is this the start of a budding friendship ?). But, it also gives the audience more of an understanding of Shaun's inner workings and how he functions.

If you want to see more of Shaun's adventures tune in next Monday at 10 pm for Episode 3 of "The Good Doctor" on ABC.