For a family who claims to be super close, some fans are disappointed to learn that “Alaskan Bush People” brothers Noah and Bam Bam are not in California while their mother Ami Brown is battling cancer. It could be Ami’s last days, and yet her sons chose to be away from her.

They should be with their ailing mother

Noah seems to be traveling with his fiancée Rhain Alisha as they were spotted in Montana and Idaho a few days ago, and most recently in Oregon, based on photos shared by fans who met them. Meanwhile, Bam Bam was recently seen in Colorado.

One commenter on ABP Exposed Facebook page said that she finds it ridiculous that anyone is away from their mother Ami right now. Another one added, “Go be with your mom..losers.”

Ami too weak after treatment

Ami Brown, 54, was diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer earlier this year, which was featured in “Alaskan Bush People” Season 7. The doctors gave her a grim prognosis, saying that she has less than 3 percent chance of surviving. She was to undergo a rigorous treatment, a combination of radiation treatment and chemotherapy, to try to shrink the size of the tumors before a surgery could be considered. However, there were rumors that her cancer has already progressed to stage 4, in which the treatment would focus on easing the symptoms and making the patient comfortable.

Ami was now discharged from the hospital after she finished a round of chemotherapy and radiation. However, the treatment has taken its toll on her health, making her too unwell. With that, “Alaskan Bush People” Season 8 is currently on hold. The Brown family, with the exception of Noah and Bam Bam, remains in Los Angeles, California, while Ami is getting some rest.

Rainy slammed on social media

The family does not come short of criticisms. Rainy Brown, who has been active on social media since they move out of Alaska, has been receiving a backlash online. Once she was slammed for posting selfies on her Instagram page knowing that her mother is suffering from cancer. Most recently, she was criticized for committing a grammar error in one of her posts.

The “Alaskan Bush People” star hits back at her critics. She posted a video of herself singing Taylor Swift’s “Mean.” She said that while everyone keeps telling her to ignore haters, she believes that it is better to call them out and shut them up. Some fans commended her for handling the negative comments well, while others still advised her not to give attention to negative people because it just gives them satisfaction.