The opening scene of "The Exorcist" shows a thrilling car pursuit on a dusty narrow road. Father Tomas is driving fast, and Father Marcus is holding down a possessed woman in the back. Two men in a car are following them, firing at them. The lives of our characters have gravely changed since the season finale in 2016 when they decided to join forces and fight the demons that were loose in the world. The second season premiere proves that they are full-time demon hunters again. They have gone rogue, and it suits them perfectly. This means that their hunt will be rougher, darker and much more adventurous.

A new story, full of challenges

In the "Janus" episode, our priests resort to extreme measures to save the woman's soul. They kidnap her and take her to an industrial area to perform the exorcism. Her husband, who is the town's sheriff, does not believe in demons and thinks she is fatally ill. Therefore, he chases Marcus and Tomas to arrest them. At the same time, we are introduced to the foster home on Nachburn Island, which will be the main location of the show. A company of foster children, a lovely, legal guardian, and a demon lurking in the dark for its next victim are the clues that the first episode provides the audience.

New dynamics in the priests' alliance

Apart from the introduction to the new possession case, the relationship of the two priests is centralized.

Their mentor-apprentice relationship that started during the first season will likely turn into an equal partnership. A sign that the duo's dynamics will change is that Father Marcus is taking a step back by allowing Tomas to perform the exorcism. Of course, the demons will create moments of doubt and mistrust by planting seeds of hate and vanity.

Tomas' recklessness and Marcus' authoritative mindset will definitely collide in this season. Nonetheless, Marcus wants Tomas to become a more experienced and independent exorcist and this is evidence that he deeply cares about his protégé. On a lighter note, Marcus is the epitome of a mature character in the series, but that doesn't stop him from being the most remarkable priest on TV.

He keeps on dealing with all the unconventional incidents coming his way with total professionalism and cynicism, even when he is brutally hit (in this regard, by the possessed woman's husband and his friend).

Father Tomas and his God-sent gift

Tomas' ability to enter the interdimensional spiritual world will definitely be a recurring theme in this season. So far, we have experienced several visions showing a creepy kids' party outside a church with all kinds of horrific things happening. Father Tomas wants to use his gift to fight the demons in their supernatural territory. Instead of exorcising the unclean spirit out of the possessed victim through recitation, he intends on entering the consciousness of the person and facing the demon in the host's mind.

Naturally, this practice involves a huge risk for Father Tomas. He can be smitten by the dark forces or even worse, lose his immortal soul.

The second episode is coming this Friday, so we shall learn more about our characters and their new adventures soon! Feel free to take a look at the following video, showing Father Tomas' visually interesting but disturbing vision and get psyched for the upcoming episode.