Sometimes, something particularly odd or unexplainable happens and people often say "Stranger things have happened." That's where the hit Netflix original series comes in, to define those "stranger things." Season one took viewers on a rollercoaster ride of confusion and emotion.

What happened?

Following children who are handling things far beyond their control, the show takes on a very "E.T."-like energy, that is if "E.T." was a horror film. Season one exposed the fear of the unknown considering no one knew what exactly was going on. However, season two goes to show that sometimes, the less you know, the better.

The more that is revealed throughout the second season, the scarier things get.

It's not all bad

Of course, to go alongside all of the intense darkness there are moments of comedic relief and romance that keep the viewers watching. Given last season's events, it's no surprise that a love triangle would form between Nancy, Steve, and Johnathan. While it's clear that Johnathan and Nancy are meant to be, viewers still have a soft spot for Steve. After season one, many fans thought Nancy would have left Steve for Johnathan and Steve would've been written out of the show, but luckily, the writers kept him around, and, over the course of the new season, he's actually turned out to be an interesting character.

Besides, there's a new bad boy in town this season, and his name is Billy. While the entire show is clearly set in the 80's, Billy really embodies the absolute worst of the decade, from his haircut to his muscle shirts. That said, Billy isn't the only newbie in town, his younger sister Max is a new edition to the group and she's filled the feminine role Eleven left behind when she went on a journey to find herself.

In a sad but not entirely unexpected twist, the sheriff has taken in Eleven as his own, clearly in an effort to replace the daughter he lost. Given the way things ended in season one, it would not have been wrong to suspect that the sheriff and Wynona Rider would've ended up together. That leads to the second love triangle of the season; Wynona, the sheriff, and Bob.

Bob is a great man, the kind of man that Wynona needs, but once again, season one set up viewers to hope that things between her and the sheriff would work out. The third love triangle of the season is a new one between Max, Dustin, and Lucas. That plotline is getting played out, and the show could do better.