The news came out earlier this week that Kristoff St. John allegedly attempted to commit suicide after holding a gun to his head and sending pictures to his ex-wife Mia. This story came from TMZ and Blasting News shared the details. Now Mia is speaking out and saying that isn't entirely the truth about what happened.

What did Mia have to say about it not being true?

Entertainment Tonight shared about what Mia St. John had to say now. She is now saying that the reports that came out are "inaccurate." The reports all said that Kristoff St. John was hospitalized and put under a psychiatric evaluation.

She did say that there is "fabricated information" coming out, but she also admitted that her ex-husband is still "broken" over their son Julian killing himself. That has been really hard on all of them.

Mia is speaking out and wants to make sure that everyone knows the truth. She wants everyone to start taking mental health seriously and says that even though "he may appear whole on the outside, his heart is broken." She did admit that he did have something happen last week that did push him to the breaking point. The thing is the entire story that is coming out isn't true.

What really happened with Kristoff?

She shared saying, "I hope that at this moment we can all wrap our arms around Kristoff and help him in this time of need.

Mia St. John went on to explain that he does need our thoughts and prayers, but she isn't sharing the details about what exactly happened with him. It is very confusing since Mia is saying the true story isn't out, but she isn't saying what is true and what isn't. This has everyone curious, but it sounds like she isn't going to reveal that part.

When Kristoff and Mia St. John lost their son it was heartbreaking for them. They actually filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the La Casa Psychiatric Health Facility and said that their son was not checked on as often as he was supposed to be. They have had a hard time dealing with this and it does sound like whatever happened with Kristoff St.

John last week might have something to do with his son's death. There is more to this story, but it may never come out. Prayers are with his family and everyone is hoping that he is doing just fine.

Are you surprised to hear that the story that TMZ shared about Kristoff St. John doesn't seem to be the right one? How do you think this all happened? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Young and the Restless" weekdays on CBS.


His ex-wife Mia St. John just spoke out saying the story being revealed isn't entirely true.