Zayn Malik may have just decided that he did not want to 'live forever' with hair, as he cut off all those gorgeous, luscious locks. Recently, the British singer buzzed his hair into a close crop but on Sunday his mum, Trisha Malik, posted a photo of the singer on her Instagram account, showing that he is now completely bald.

Zayn will release a new song on 7 September

In the picture, Zayn Malik showed off a bold new look with his head clean-shaven as he posed with his mother and girlfriend Gigi Hadid. His mother kissed his very smooth head. Twitter always reacts and some fans lost their minds, while other people applauded his decision.

On Monday, Malik announced on Instagram that he will be dropping the first song for his upcoming album on September 7. The new song will be titled “Dust Till Dawn” and will feature Sia. Zayn also revealed that Jemima Kirke, star of the show "Girls," will make an appearance.

He has the freedom to express his own style

According to the Daily Mail, Trisha didn’t offer any explanation as to why her son decided to change his looks but simply captioned the photo with love heart emojis. He seemed to have done it just recently. After all, two days earlier his mother posted a picture of the star with a full head of hair.

In July last year, Zayn said that he loved experimenting with his looks after he left One Direction. He had the freedom to wear anything he wanted, making it more enjoyable and he had a chance to be creative. The all-boy band was known to control the public image of the bandmates, and that included Malik.

On September 3, he teased his upcoming video with a short clip on Instagram.

In the teaser, you could see him behind the wheel of a speeding vehicle, a woman with a brief case and something that looked dynamite.

Zayn and Gigi dating since late 2015

Zayn changed his hair style several times after leaving the group. Malik and his girlfriend Hadid made their relationship public in December 2015. The 22-year-old model and 24-year-old singer trend with their fashion style.

Hadid does not only present her style on the runway but also when she is seen out and about. She recently renewed her contract with Tommy Hilfiger to promote the brand to perfection.

Zayn Malik expresses his style in different ways, including his hair styles. Gigi and Zayn met at a party a few years back. He was supposed to appear at Victoria’s Secret but didn’t show up. Gigi played it cool and she didn’t even see him at the after-party, but at the end of that week, they had their first date.