This past Monday music fans and the industry as a whole tipped their hats for the thirty-sixth birthday of a Queen and R&B-pop diva. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has plenty to be thankful indeed for another year of her life: she gave birth to twins with her husband Jay-Z Carter this July, and before that her 2015 album “Lemonade” has been a chart-topper and ticket-seller for its corresponding world tour.

Needless to say, her family and friends were eager to pay Queen Bey a fitting tribute for her success and the blessings in her life. Several celebrities and even Beyoncé’s eldest daughter joined together for a photo-shoot referencing her song “Formation,” with all participants rocking the diva’s look from the music video.

All-black, bling, and pigtails

The photoshoot featured 18 figures from Beyoncé’s family and inner circle giving a big shout-out to the Queen by making themselves up the way the music icon was styled in the music video for “Formation,” one of the many hit songs out of the “Lemonade” album.

Said attire consists of a form-fitting bare-shoulder black blouse, black hat, a massive necklace and hair done in pigtails. The participants were photographed in black and white, with the hats obscuring their faces save for mouths with dark lipstick, just like Queen Bey.

All told, the women (and girl) who took part in the tribute were all close fixtures in the life of Beyoncé.

These include her former Destiny’s Child bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, her mom and grandma Tina Knowles and Hattie White, her mother-in-law Gloria Carter, and even her eldest child with Jay-Z, Blue Ivy. Other notables in the list of women in formation are tennis superstar Serena Williams, film and TV actress Bianca Lawson and Michelle Obama.

Former First Lady a hit

The former First Lady was an especially close friend of Queen Bey, and her inclusion generated a large share of overall reactions in social media. It should also be recalled that the diva sang “At Last” in the 2009 Inauguration Ball of President Barack Obama, and then the National Anthem for his 2013 Inauguration ceremony.

Beyoncé and Michelle Obama also formed a formidable tandem during the 2011 information campaign towards fighting childhood obesity in the US.

Speaking of which, the “Formation” tribute photos were posted on, the star’s official website, along with the hashtag message #BEYGOODHOUSTON, encouraging fans to donate towards charities and relief initiatives for the sake of the people in their idol’s hometown of Houston. The city was devastated by the recent passing of Hurricane Harvey, which flooded Houston to levels surpassing everything in recent record.