Hamsters are adorable animals. Their size makes them cuter, and some people feel that their lives are incomplete without the cute pets. But anything that lives dies someday and hamsters also reach their D-day. Hamsters usually have a lifespan of two to four years depending on the type. However, some don’t even complete their lifespan. They die from accidents or diseases, and their owners are left devastated. Losing the one you love can hurt so much and leave tears in your eyes. Here are some of the hamsters which met a tragic end and left their owners very sad.

1. Dotty

Dotty was only one-year-old when she died in a fatal accident. According to The Sun, Dotty’s owner, Carla Pilgrim had bought a seesaw for her, but upon coming back home on August 10, he found her little pet’s lifeless body wedged between one side of the seesaw and the pivot. Dotty’s head was trapped in the gap, and she had a mark on her neck. The seesaw probably chocked her to death. Carla Pilgrim didn’t understand why the product killed her pet. She called the previous owners of Dotty and broke the tragic news that Dotty was no more. The store that had sold her the product removed the rest from the shelves. Dotty left behind two hamsters and eight guinea pigs.

2. Beano

Beano was murdered by Lewis Fox after he threw him against the wall several times.

According to Metro, the incident happened in 2015. Lewis pleaded guilty to the murder charges against him. He accepted the cruelty offense, but Fox denied squeezing the Beano's throat. His lawyer, Daniel Stevenson said that the accused had a substance abuse history that his mother decided to report him to the authorities for him to get help.

Beano deserved justice for the inhumane way he lost his life.

3. Kiwi

Kiwi died on September 18 from an unknown cause. According to Woman & Home, presenter of “The One Show,” Alex Jones got a call from her husband Charlie informing her that their beloved Kiwi had Passed on. The TV presenter could not hold back her tears while on a train after learning the sudden demise of her hamster.

Alex posted pictures of the late Kiwi on Instagram, and his fans rushed to offer their sincere condolences. Kiwi left behind Alex, her husband, and their nine-month-old baby.

4. Rolo

Rolo was happily hibernating on cloud eleven when Charlotte Elizabeth saw him and thought he had passed away. According to The Sun, Elizabeth buried Rolo unaware, and she regretted doing so. Rolo was just seven months old when he met his accidental death. Rolo belonged to Elizabeth’s son, Harry. She knew that he would be devastated, so she ran to the store and bought a replica of Rolo. Harry noticed that the replica was not Rolo and asked what had happened to him.

May the fallen hamsters rest in internal peace.