In a recent interview with "Vogue" magazine couple, Gig Hadid and Zayn Malik commented that they borrowed each other's clothes. This comment was taken the wrong way and the title of the cover story told the public that the stars were part of a new Gender Fluid generation. This title has received a huge amount of backlash from the general public and fans of the celebrities. "Vogue" has since apologized for the title and have admitted they made a mistake in this instance.

The public has been quick to action

Once the cover story featuring stars Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik was released to the public immediately picked up on the title of the story.

"Vogue" referred to the stars as part of a new gender fluid generation. This title received a massive influx of negative comments from fans of the stars and the public in general. Many commented about the article online through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. They stated that "Vogue" clearly does not understand what it means to be gender fluid.

Some of the public took this error as a severe lack of knowledge and stated that they were personally offended. They stated that "Vogue" did not recognize the fact that there were millions of people who were gender fluid in real life and did not have to false identify the celebrities as gender fluid. The title derived from some friendly banter between the couple as they stated that they borrowed each other's clothes.

It is clear that "Vogue" made a grave mistake.

'Vogue' apologizes for the cover story

The magazine has stated that they completely missed the mark on this interview. On Friday, July 14 they released a public statement apologizing for their use of gender fluid in association with Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid. "Vogue" later went on to state that the issue of the magazine was supposed to highlight the impact that gender fluidity has had on the fashion industry.

They have also stated that they wish to continue the conversation with the public in an informative and sensitive light.

There has been no comment from either Gigi or Zayn about the article as of yet. The pair were more than happy to sit down with "Vogue" and talk about their fashion choices and the freedom they both feel in being able to express themselves in whatever clothing they like.

Seeing as the magazine has apologized one can assume that the issue has been laid to rest.

"Vogue" has realized their mistake and have promised not to repeat it. The sensitivity surrounding misgendering is widespread and the magazine has learned this throughout this process.