Zac Efron recently engaged in a rapid-fire interview with Vogue magazine. The “High School Musical” actor shared pieces of information about his life in a slum book-style conversation with one of the world’s top fashion magazines.

The first few frames of the video interview had Efron driving his Mustang in his home in Los Angeles. He was wearing a simple yet sleek style of black shirt and light-colored pants. He showed his balcony overlooking a beautiful landscape.

Some of the questions included his favorite things, unforgettable moments in childhood, hypothetical statements and his workout routine.

He also shared about his fashion and style preferences.

Fitness habits

Vogue magazine produced the video interview in partnership with Google. There were moments which showed Zac Efron talking to Google’s voice feature to instruct her to play his music list.

The actor’s “go-to workout song" is “aggressive, hip-hop, and schoolboy cue.” He also shared that if he is not busy working, he will spend time outdoors or surfing. When asked about a fitness tip he can give to the viewers, he said they should “start slow.”

Advice for actors

Efron rose to fame when he portrayed the lead role in the Disney Channel hit, “High School Musical.” The movie had three parts, with each showcasing his singing voice.

After which, he went on to do more movies such as “Hairspray” in 2007, “17 Again” in 2009, “The Lucky One” in 2012, and “Neighbors” in 2014.

This 29-year-old actor has upcoming projects such as the “The Greatest Showman,” a musical based on the life of an American showman during the 1800s.

For aspiring actors, he gave them an advice to “practice patience” as they find opportunities to get their biggest break in the industry. When asked about his ideal dinner, it will be a moment with actor Paul Newman.

He also recalled some of the most unforgettable moments he had while on set.

Fashion choices

The conversation went on to ask about questions from his childhood and how he envisioned himself in the future. He also said that “dignity” was one value that he has left from his childhood years.

Moreover, he also shared that his biggest role model would be his grandfather.

He also gave a piece of advice to his “20-year-old self,” saying that he should “be patient.”

Steve McQueen, an actor from the 1960s and 1970s, was his style icon. He also said that jeans and a plain shirt are some of his “go-to looks.” When asked about the most worn item in his wardrobe, he said it would be his black shirts.