Spoiler alerts tease that this will be a big week for Ashley and Victoria on "The Young and the Restless." Both women will go all out and take risks in order to obtain the results they desire. Vicky wants to gain Billy's affections once more, and her sister-in-law needs to prove Graham is up to no good.

Ashley continues to suspect Graham is up to no good

From day one, Ashley has been suspicious of the relationship Graham has with her mother. Mr. Bloodworth and Ms. Mergeron have been joined at the hip, but deny a sexual relationship. Dina refers to him as her confidante and says he is invaluable.

She even left him the bulk of her possessions in her will. Ashley and Ravi have searched high and low but cannot find any information on Graham. Spoiler alerts suggest that if Jack and Ravi cannot come through, Ashley may have to take a risk and do her own dirty work.

Time is of the essence because Jack and his sister just found out that Dina has allowed Graham to see sensitive Jabot information. They are concerned he may sell their company secrets and cause them a lot of problems. Graham's true identity has yet to be revealed. Initially, spoiler alerts teased that Graham Bloodworth may be Dina's son, and Ashley and Jack's half sibling.

Later, spoilers suggested he may be the younger brother of a man that both Ashley and Dina slept with.

Recently there is a lot of talk about Brent Davis, who is Ashley's biological father. This opens the possibility that somehow Graham is tied to him. Whatever secrets he is hiding, Ashley is going to go all out to expose the truth.

Victoria takes it to the next level with Billy

Ever since she argued with Phyllis in the elevator, Victoria has been "Brash and Sassy" just like the name of her company.

She boldly told Billy how much she appreciates that he is helping her by taking risks that may damage his relationship with Phyllis. She then boldly kissed her ex-husband and he returned the lip lock with much passion. Spoiler alerts indicate that Vicky will flirt with Billy while he is trying out their new body spray. And that the sexual tension between the two will increase.

Victoria believes that her former spouse is beginning to fall in love with her again. And that it is a matter of time before she wins him back and takes him from Phyllis. In spite of risking everything for the man she loves, Vicky has a long way to go to obtain what she desires. Spoiler alerts also indicate that things are going to heat up between Phyllis and Billy. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS to find out if Ashley gets the goods on Graham and whether or not Victoria gets her man.