On 'The Young and the Restless,' it seems that Hilary Curtis is able to manipulate the residents of genoa city and get them to do her bidding. She says just the right thing that pushes people's buttons, then sits back and watches as they do her dirty work. This week Devon and Cane have been drawn into her scheme to keep Lily and Jordan apart.

Hilary is always causing problems in Genoa City

From the day she set foot in Genoa City, it seems Hilary has caused problems for everyone she comes in contact with. She married Neil then cheated on him with his son.

Later she married Devon who almost lost his life in an automobile accident because of her. She has been nasty to Mariah from day one and even tripped her so that she fell on her face on live television. Every chance she gets Hilary tries to make Mariah feel insecure about dating her ex-husband and does a good job of it.

She has aired private moments from the Newman family on her program, just to secure ratings and it was Hilary who coerced Juliet into suing Cane and "Brash and Sassy." Most of all Ms. Curtis enjoys doing things to hurt Lily who has been critical of the way she treated her father and brother. Hilary only began dating Jordan to make Devon jealous. She hates that he dropped her as soon as Lily put Cane out.

Now she is manipulating Lily's estranged spouse and her brother so that Jordan will back off.

Jordan will not be manipulated

Jordan and Lily knew each other prior to meeting in Genoa City and even though she is married with children he has made no secret that he is interested in her. Hilary sensing a connection, set her sights on Jordan but he began to see through her conniving ways.

Try as she might Hilary cannot stop his spending time with Lily and on Thursday and Friday, she got both Devon and Cane to talk Jordan about leaving Lily alone. He stood his ground and did not allow either man to deter him from being there for his "friend."

Hilary has no idea that her ex-has kissed Lily and made his intentions known.

He agreed not to pressure her but will be there is she desires more than friendship. Devon believes he is looking out for his sister, and Cane wants his family back. Neither man realizes he has been nudged along because of what Hilary has been saying. Jordan is one man Hilary does not seem to be able to manipulate. He probably will not allow anyone to turn him away from his goal, except for Lily herself. This is why Ms. Curtis is so desperate to keep them apart.