Tyler Posey has announced that he is currently seeing someone and fans have gone wild. The "Teen Wolf" star has not revealed the identity of his new girlfriend; however, the pair has been less than subtle in public. The pair appears very happy with one another and has many common interests. While some fans are grief stricken that Posey is off the market, most are happy for their favorite actor.

The star has confirmed his new relationship

According to Heavy, "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey has confirmed that he has a new girlfriend. In a report by US Weekly Tyler Posey and his girlfriend, Sophia Taylor Ali met when they were working on a project together.

Posey has stated that he is very happy in his new relationship and that he greatly admires the woman who he is currently with.

While Posey has not revealed who the individual is whom he is seeing the actor has been spotted with Sophia Taylor Ali numerous times. The pair also recently worked on a horror movie titled "Truth or Dare, " and fans are convinced that Sophia and Tyler are an item.

Posey speaks fondly of Sophia and has claimed that she is extremely talented and a wonderful person. He stated that she is a great source of inspiration for him and can hold her own in the relationship. Tyler joked that he sometimes finds Sophia intimidating but has stated that she is cool and grounded.

Sophia Taylor Ali is best known for her role on the MTV series "Faking It." Tyler Posey has recently finished his own MTV series "Teen Wolf, " and it appears that fate brought these two actors together.

The pair were spotted kissing and holding hands at the MTV Music Awards.

Posey was once engaged to his high school sweetheart

According to Heavy, Tyler Posey was once engaged and intended to marry his high school girlfriend, Seana Gorlick. Gorlick and Posey began dating when they were only eleven years old, and when they were twenty, they both decided to get married.

However, their relationship ended back in 2014 during the wedding planning when Tyler admitted that he was unsure about marrying Seana. Posey explained at the time of their break up that he wanted to date other people as he had never had that chance in the past. He is not on good terms with his former fiance. Posey has also been linked to actor Bella Thorne. The pair dated briefly, but their relationship was not made to last.

Fans are delighted that Tyler Posey has found a new girlfriend and have expressed their delight online for the budding couple.