Lady Gaga has publicly talked about her relationship with her current boyfriend on stage during one of her concerts. The singer talked about what it means to be in love and claims that Christian Carino is a huge support for her in her life. The singer was performing in New York when she gave the impromptu speech about her boyfriend.

Gaga opens up about her relationship

According to the Daily Mail, Lady Gaga has revealed that she is deeply in love with her current boyfriend, Christian Carino. The pair has been dating for just over a year, and Lady Gaga only recently broke the news that the couple was seeing each other.

Gaga spoke about her boyfriend on stage at her recent concert in Citi Field Stadium.

The celebrity stated that when she split from her ex-fiance Taylor Kinney last summer that Christian was a huge support for her during this time. She praised her boyfriend openly to her fans and told them that he was waiting for her by the stairs backstage to make sure she was okay.

According to Page Six, Gaga opened up to her fans about how grateful and lucky she feels to have Christian in her life. She revealed that one of the best things about love is that there is always someone there to support and love her. It is clear that Gaga loves Christian Carino very much and fans found her public display of affection incredibly heart-warming.

Gaga reveals there are no harsh feelings between her and Taylor

According to People Magazine, Lady Gaga has revealed that there are no hard feelings between her and her ex-fiance Taylor Kinney. When asked how she felt about him moving on and dating someone else she stated that she was not going to throw a party. Lady Gaga then revealed that the pair love one another very much and that was all that the media needed to know.

In a report by the Daily Mail, it has been confirmed that Taylor has attended some of Lady Gaga's concerts and has been seen cheering her on in the crowds. Gaga is equally as supportive of her ex as she has stated that he is an incredibly talented person and actor.

The pair were together for five years before they split in 2016.

The break up was very difficult for both of them, but Lady Gaga has stated that things like breaking up happen in life. She stated that when they were together, Taylor was always supportive of her and the career changes she was going through and has revealed that they continue to support one another professionally.

Fans are delighted that Lady Gaga has found someone that she loves so soon after breaking up from Taylor. The singer and her boyfriend are extremely fond of one another and fans are hoping that this relationship will last.