Kylie Jenner has recently come forward with claims that she and her sister Kendall Jenner do not like each other very much. The celebrity shocked her fans with this revelation and has stated that she does not think she would want to know Kendall if they were not related. The sisters have expressed their hatred of one another on more than one occasion.

Jenner opens up about the sister's friendship

According to the Daily Mail, Kylie Jenner has finally addressed her relationship with her sister Kendall Jenner. The celebrity revealed that she and her sister are far from the best friends that the public assumes them to be.

This revelation was made on the latest episode of Kylie's reality TV series, "Life Of Kylie."

Kylie claims that she and Kendall are very different and that they have more differences than similarities. She explained that they both approach life differently and stated that it is very interesting to see. Jenner revealed that she and Kendall often have conflicting opinions about various things and this often leads to tension between the pair.

In a report by Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner's lifelong best friend Jordyn Woods has weighed in on the matter. Jordyn has stated that she always noticed the tension between the sisters and stated that it has been there since they were children. Kylie also claims that she does not think that she and her sister would be friends if they were not related.

The pair have gotten into several arguments over the years

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner and her sister Kendall have never had an easy relationship. The pair who starred on the series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" often clashed on the show, and it appears that this was not a publicity stunt for the sake of ratings.

In a report to the Daily Mail, the pair were recently supposed to go on a tour of London together, however; by the time, that Kendall arrived Kylie was ready to leave. Kendall made it clear that she wanted her sister to stay to spend some time together however, Kylie left regardless.

In another incident, Kylie called her sister for advice about plane landings on the Island of St.

Barts as she was nervous about the flight. The area is known to be slightly rough for plane landings, but Kendall convinces her sister that everything will be fine. Kylie then hangs up on her sister without saying another word.

Fans were shocked to hear that the sisters are not very close with one another. The media has painted the Kardashians as a very close-knit family, and it came as a surprise to hear that Kendall and Kylie argue more than they get along with one another.