Award-winning dramedy "Jane the Virgin" has made some major changes in its third year, including the departure of one of its most loved cast members, Brett Dier. The actor, who plays Jane's love interest, Detective Michael Cordero, was killed off the show in the middle of season 3, breaking hearts all over the world. While some fans may still be in mourning, there might be hope that the actor will return to the third season of "Jane the Virgin" one last time.

Brett Dier spotted in Gina Rodriguez's Twitter photo

"Jane the Virgin" season 3 star Gina Rodriguez took to Twitter and Instagram to share a photo of herself with the cast of the show, including the dearly departed Michael, sparking rumors that he may return for a final goodbye on the show.

Rodriguez wrote on Instagram, "My beautiful, weird, funky tv family. God. I love them all. #janethevirgin #seasonFinale"

"Jane the Virgin" season 3 found Jane and the rest of the crew in a three-year time jump, which allowed for flashbacks to the time before Michael's death and Rafael's nine-month incarceration. As evidenced by Rodriguez's photo, Dier may return for a final goodbye on the show, in way of either flashbacks or a tribute to Michael.

Talking to Vulture back in February, showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman said, "The second half of the journey is filling in Jane’s recovery, the process of grieving for all the characters. That is where we mine all of our dramatic material for this back half of the season.

Underneath it all is Michael."

If this is any indication, it might be possible that Brett Dier will return for the season finale of the show. Snyder explained, "For the immediate future, it’s all flashing back to those three years, and how she put her life back together."

Jane's new love interest

Before "Jane the Virgin" season 3 went on a three-week hiatus, viewers found Jane dipping her toes in the dating pool once more.

With a supportive nudge from both Rafael and Petra, it seems that Jane is finally ready to be "open to being open," as she said in last week's episode.

This is timely, as "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey is set to guest star in the third season of "Jane the Virgin" as "someone from Jane's past," Deadline reported. As of now, it's unclear whether he will be a major player in Jane's love life, but the actor will maintain a recurring role in the fourth season of The CW show.

Posey will make his first appearance in the season finale of the show, in which Dier may also make an appearance.

"Jane the Virgin" resumes its third season on The CW this April 24 at 8 p.m. CT. Check out a sneak peek at the upcoming episode below.