Tyler Baltierra has always had a dream to work in the entertainment industry, as he wanted to go to school for film production. Perhaps he thought he could get a job at MTV after knowing producers from "Teen Mom OG." However, it sounds like the money from MTV has opened up some doors for him, as he now has the money to buy a new home in Michigan and launching a new business. On the previous season of "Teen Mom OG," Tyler announced that he wanted to start his own business. He convinced his wife Catelynn Lowell to start a clothing line and he wanted to name it after himself and his daughter.

The business, Tierra Reign, was born. But this wasn't the only major thing that happened.

While on a drive, Tyler and his wife Catelynn spotted a home for sale. Even though they hadn't seen it on the inside, Tyler Baltierra felt that this home was perfect for them. He decided to buy it on a whim because he knew they would be doing cosmetic changes to the home to make it their own. Plus, if the home inspection revealed some major issue, he could still walk away from the offer. According to a new tweet, Tyler Baltierra is now revealing that the home isn't the mansion that some people seem to think it is.

A new home

Since the season ended before Tyler and Catelynn took possession, fans have yet to see what the home looks like on the inside.

On Instagram, Tyler and Catelynn revealed that they had gone through with the purchase of the home and they are currently renovating it. Catelynn has revealed that the home is their forever home, so they are making room for whatever the future may hold.

On Twitter, Tyler Baltierra explains that the home is far from a mansion after a follower used the word to describe their new home.

But Tyler also made an interesting comment. His family is far from worthy of a mansion. It's uncertain what he means, but hard work should be rewarded with money. If he has the money to buy a mansion, he should do so.

Success of Tierra Reign

When "Teen Mom OG" was filming last year, Tyler Baltierra and his wife were working on the clothing line.

It was just an idea and they were excited to see the products come to life. Tierra Reign was launched last year and Tyler is very excited about his new business venture. It is possible that he wants to spend time and resources to make this business an empire. His wife wants to start a foundation as well.

What do you think about Tyler Baltierra's tweet? Do you think his clothing business helps him pay for his new home?