Did MTV hush a gay sex hookup on "Teen Mom OG"? That's what Tyler Baltierra seemed to say about cheating on wife Catelynn Lowell. He admitted, perhaps jokingly, to being drunk and not remembering whether he had sex with a guy or gal. He does recall enjoying it and being unable to resist -- again, perhaps kidding. An adulterous LGBT dad doesn't fit at all in MTV's vision for this season of the reality TV show. Are rumors of infidelity linked to Baltierra's disappointment over Lowell's weight loss fail, or something else? It doesn't matter -- Catelynn's sticking by her man and any haters can "F--k off" if they don't like it.

'Teen Mom' stars hit with gay sex scandal

Reality television star Tyler Baltierra supposedly had a drunken one-nighter in which he was so plastered he didn't know whether he was with a a man or a women. He and his wife Catelynn Lowell took to Twitter to address cheating rumors but their facetious tweets only confused the issue. The "Teen Mom OG" star said that since it was made public, yes, her cheating husband is busted. Baltierra tweeted back "D--n it! We really tried keeping that a secret too! Well I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist her/him… idk it was dark and I was drunk."

'Teen Mom' couple tweets mixed message

Baltierra and Lowell are presumably attempting to play off the sex scandal drama with sarcasm.

But if taken verbatim, both reality TV stars just admitted to extra-marital cheating and a straight or gay sex hookup. That's the problem with Facebook, Twitter, texting or any other printed message. There's no way to know what's truth and what's sarcasm. Those close to the "Teen Mom OG" couple know if they are joking. But the vast majority of the social media universe reads it as written.

'Teen Mom' Baltierra, Lowell protest too much?

This kind of veiled innuendo could be what started cheating rumors. It could also be that Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are covering marriage problems with jokes and Freudian slips. Lowell launched venomous Instagram attacks against "haters" (by which she seems to mean believers of the rumors).

She sent much love to the "lovers" (those who didn't). Her anger seemed out of proportion, juxtaposed with her earlier cavalier attitude toward infidelity. Baltierra seems to have fat-shamed obesity and wisecracked on his wife's weight loss as well.

LGBT fling not in 'Teen Mom OG' script

Sources said MTV was turning a blind eye to Tyler's reported cheating because this wasn't part of his "good guy" character. He's the "Teen Mom OG" supportive husband and family man, which begs the question of how much of reality television is reality and how much is staged? If Baltierra is a two-timer -- homosexual or bisexual -- that's his reality. A genuine reality TV show would incorporate his sexual orientation and behavior, not gloss over it.