Chelsea DeBoer is currently raising her little son, Watson Cole, and it seems like she's raising a baby for the first time. When she was raising Aubree and caring for her, she may not have thought about things as much as she is this time around. Chelsea is documenting the milestones and she's seeing if Watson is doing everything he is supposed to be doing. He's almost 8 months old these days but Chelsea seems a little concerned as he's not showing any interest in crawling.

The "Teen Mom 2" star may be excited about her son, as he could be reaching other milestones with no problem.

He may be making some great efforts with his sleeping, his progress with solid foods, and even when it comes to playing games. However, the crawling seems to be something he's not showing any interest in, and Chelsea sounds like she's growing a bit concerned. According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer reached out to her Twitter followers to get their side and to see if other mothers out there have gone through a similar thing. Maybe she just wants some support, as Aubree may have been crawling much earlier than Watson.

Other curiosities than moving around

Perhaps Watson Cole has other curiosities than learning how to crawl. Perhaps he prefers to sit by himself or be carried around. Maybe he hasn't started rolling around so much.

As DeBoer explains in her tweet, Watson likes to sit where he is placed. Perhaps he just wants to take everything in and enjoy his toys. Maybe he is just proud that he can sit by himself.

The majority of responses to Chelsea revealed that she shouldn't take it too seriously, as Watson will be curious about crawling soon enough.

He will show an interest in it when he is ready, just as babies do in regards to solid foods.

Children develop differently

It is important to note that no two children develop the same, so Chelsea DeBoer shouldn't worry too much about Watson. Perhaps she can encourage him to start moving by putting him on the floor on his tummy, so he can try and wiggle himself out of the situation.

While she may get tears and crying at first, Watson may realize that he is stronger than he thinks and soon, he will start pulling his legs underneath his belly. Some babies may be curious learners and want to start moving soon, while others may need some encouragement from their parents.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer's tweet? Do you think she should be concerned about Watson's lack of interest in crawling?