If you are even a casual fan of "Supernatural", you should definitely be familiar with Jensen Ackles. Although this talented actor may try in his later life to outlive the shadow of the badass hunter, Dean Winchester, he will definitely fail. Having played this character for over 12 years, the line between Dean and Jensen has become a little blurry. Below you will find some surprising facts about Jensen Ackles that even the most dedicated fans may not know.

5. A medicine student

Jensen Ackles was planning on studying sports medicine at Texas Tech University after he graduated High School, but instead he decided to go into another direction.

He was given permission by his father to try his acting career for 6 months before he had to go back to school. Fortunately for us, he found his life path in Los Angeles.

4. A soap opera actor

Obviously Jensen Ackles had some previous experience before he went on to "Supernatural," and one of those experiences is the Soap Opera "The Days of our Lives". It is funny to imagine that Jensen has been in the same show as the famous Dr. Drake Ramorey (Friends fans must definitely get that reference).

3. He fell in love with a costar

In the movie "Dark Angel," Jensen costared with the gymnast, actress, and model Danneel Harris and as almost everybody knows how this story went on.Now they have three children, JJ and two adorable twins, Zeppelin and Arrow.

Apparently it has become a habit of the "Supernatural" stars to fall in love on set, and by that we mean none other than Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese (otherwise known as Sam Winchester and Ruby).

2. A date gone wrong

Apparently before meeting the love of his life, Danneel Haris, Jenen was on a pretty bad date. He was pretty drunk when he set the whole thing up, and due to his hangover, he could not remember his date's face.

When he went into the restaurant, he was hoping to spot someone right away that would just luckily happen to be his date, but he picked wrong. Obviously, there was not going to be a second date.

1. Jensen Ackles was a cheerleader

Jensen Ackles was an actual cheerleader. During his high school career he participated in many activities.

Some of them even include a musical that he had to do as part of his detention; however, that was how he found out he had a talent for acting. Not only that, he also participated in many football games, but not on the play field, but on the cheering side: the Cheerleading Squad. That is a little noticeable in "Supernatural" when Dean had to perform some "parkour" or jumping over fences, as it makes the existence of Jensen Ackles' alter ego believable.