Two popular TV shows will be leaving Netflix in the fall. The exact dates haven't yet been shared, but the streaming service will lose both "30 Rock" and "How I Met Your Mother" sometime before the end of 2017. It's sad news for fans of the two comedies. This is on top of other popular shows leaving, including "Firefly" and "American Dad." Part of the reason is Netflix's own, especially when it comes to exclusivity.

Hulu deal with 20th Century Fox causes problems for Netflix

We'll start with "How I Met Your Mother." Despite being a staple for streamers, the comedy is owned by 20Th Century Fox.

Back in July, the production company signed a deal with Hulu. This gives Hulu the chance to show more than 3,000 episodes of a variety of TV shows. "HIMYM" is among those lists of shows.

Interestingly enough, the production company and Hulu's deal isn't exclusive. Netflix just doesn't want to stream a show that isn't exclusive to its own service. It's an odd move, though, considering there will now be a lot of people signing up to Hulu to continue watching their favorite shows. It also begs the question as to whether other shows will leave Netflix very soon because of this deal.

'30 Rock' licensing deal comes to an end

As for "30 Rock," this show is leaving because of the licensing deal coming to an end.

Despite the show being popular with some fans, it's clear that Netflix isn't happy with the performance for the rate of the licensing from NBC. Netflix has decided not to renew the licensing deal but hasn't said what fans could expect instead. NBC hasn't made much of an effort to keep the show on the streaming service or to find a new home for it.

This isn't that surprising considering quite a few NBC shows aren't syndicated (like the One Chicago franchise).

There is a rough date for when "30 Rock" will be removed. Netflix shares that October looks like the month, but there's no exact date just yet.

Netflix focusing on Originals

None of this should really be a surprise.

Netflix announced back in 2015 that it was looking into offering more originals than sharing other people's content. This has certainly happened over the last two years or so. A number of Netflix Originals have become extremely popular, including "13 Reasons Why," "Stranger Things," and "Sense8." There is still clearly plenty more to come in the years ahead, especially when it comes to the Marvel Netflix Originals. Unfortunately, those who signed up to the service for network programs may need to look elsewhere.