Season 2 of the popular series “Sense8” has been born and, like the first season, is a unique viewing experience. The Netflix show tells the tale of eight strangers, located across the world, who have an inextricable connection. Each character is mentally and emotionally linked to the other seven “sensates” and is able to use the others’ skills to get them out of trouble. With the return of “Sense8,” viewers will likely get answers as to how and why these eight people are so closely linked.

A mixed bunch of sensates from all over the world in 'Sense8'

The show was created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, who were also involved in “Cloud Atlas” and “The Matrix,” along with J. Michael Straczynsk (of “World War Z” and “Thor” fame). The eight sensates are made up of a female martial arts expert, currently in jail in Seoul, a female DJ living in Iceland and a Chicago police officer. If that combination is not strange enough, there is also a transgender hacktivist in San Francisco, a gay Mexican movie star, a pharmacist in Mumbai, India, a bus driver in Nairobi, Kenya and last, but definitely not least, a safe-cracker and thief in Berlin, Germany.

Capheus gets a whole new look – literally – in ‘Sense8’ Season 2

What can we expect from Season 2? First of all, the Nairobi bus driver – in the guise of a huge Jean-Claude Van Damme fan – has been recast, after creative differences in Season 1 saw the exit of Aml Ameen.

He has been replaced with Toby Onwumere. Onwumere told The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview that he feels very welcomed by the other cast members and from the recent “Sense8” Christmas special looks to fit in just perfectly.

The ‘Sense8’ characters become even more linked in Season 2

While we already know the eight characters are tightly linked and interconnected, according to Daryl Hannah, who plays their sensate mother, Angelica, the sensates now need to know why they are being pursued by mysterious forces, and just who those forces are.

Hannah says this heightens the tension even more in the second season, leading them to connect and collaborate even more as they learn to control their amazing power.

Just who is hunting the characters in ‘Sense8’

Season 2 will uncover more about the mysterious Whispers and the Biologic Preservation Organization (BPO). The sensates are being hunted by the organization mainly because they are different and are evolving. Besides that, Angelica, and the group’s cluster mentor Jonas (played by Naveen Andrews), are part of the BPO puzzle that “Sense8” will gradually reveal as the story unfolds.

The story will become a metaphor for real-life history, where species that were different were exterminated in the past.

Jamie Clayton, who stars as Nomi the hactivist, said fans will see the story of BPO’s origins in Season 2 and find out more about why the eight sensates are having to battle against them.

Kala, Wolfgang and that love triangle

Tina Desai, who plays Kala the Mumbai pharmacist, says her skills will come to the fore in the second season. She told THR her skills will continue to help the other sensates in Season 2.

Not only that, her love triangle with Wolfgang (the Berlin thief played by Max Riemelt) and her sweet husband Rajan Rasal (played by Purab Kohli) is set to continue. Despite her recent marriage, the powerful attraction between the two sensates just won’t go away.

Riemelt said his character, Wolfgang, is not the type of guy to just give up. Desai said her character is attempting to balance both worlds. In one she is a loyal and conscientious Indian girl and in the other she’s having an affair with the irresistible Wolfgang. Business Insider reports that Desai is still adjusting to the sexual side of her character and says she wonders if her fans in India would watch the show.

She added that while moviegoers in India like escapist cinema, “Sense8” might just be too far out for their taste.

A new character joins the ‘Sense8’ world in Season 2

In Season 2, our hero Wolfgang will be facing an interesting new character in the form of Lila (played by Valeria Bilello). She is just one of several new sensates to join the show, from other sensate clusters. This move will give viewers an idea of just how far the “Sense8” world reaches beyond our eight heroes. Hannah went on to stress that everything we are set to see in Season 2 will really push a message of compassion, empathy and inclusiveness, adding that this is the real theme of “Sense8.”

Sense8” Season 2 was launched by Netflix on Friday and is now available for your binging pleasure. Enjoy the trailer below.