Viewers who watched Friday night's episode of "Big Brother 19" found out something that might not have been revealed and confirmed before. After Kevin Schlehuber 's eviction on Thursday night, the three finalists were left in the house. There are Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, and Josh Martinez. They were treated to a steak and lobster dinner and champagne. Most of the hour-long show was spent reflecting on some of the special moments of the season when most of the houseguests were present.


Viewers and the houseguests were under the impression that there were only three showmances.

However, some information was revealed from the three finalists that there could very well have been the fourth showmance. The known showmances are Jody consisting of Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, Maven consisting of Matthew Clines and Raven Walton, and Marlena consisting of Mark Jansen and Elena Davies.

Josh teased Christmas and Paul about how close they had become. He reminded them that since the tandem skydiving was over, they didn't have to be so inseparable. Clips were shown of 35-year-old Christmas and 24-year-old Paul snuggling up together, eating each other's foods, teasing and complimenting each other and a lot of flirting, including Paul stroking Christmas’ hair as she laid her head in his lap.

Christmas herself confessed that she might have romantic feelings for Paul. She said she thinks he is the most interesting person she has ever met. She described him as brilliant, funny, and weird. What she really likes about him is that he makes her smile and giggle.

During a late night recording of Christmas lying in bed, she whispered to herself how being so close to Paul in the house all summer has made her heart get away from her.

She concluded that she feels so upside down when it comes to him. However, Paul has not been as direct, but he does call her his "Christmas Joye." This is her real name, but Paul is the only one who called her that. He also said in a tender way that she has as many tattoos as he does. If they are in a showmance, they will be known as "Paumas."

Last episode

The last episode of the season will be a two-hour finale when the contestants in the jury house will vote on their choice to be this season's winner.

The big winner of the $500,000 prize will be either Josh, Christmas, or Paul. The second place winner will get $50,000, and the third place winner will get nothing.

It has been a whirlwind season, and viewers are looking forward to seeing who the big winner will be. The finale takes place on Wednesday, September 20, at 8 p.m. on CBS.