Taylor Swift just wowed her fans on the weekend as she released another teaser of her single, "Ready for It," on Saturday. The 27-year old singer reportedly released her full song during the football game played between Alabama and Florida State, on Sunday morning. The Entertainment Tonight reported that her newest single had been made available for downloads on streaming sites like iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

One-minute track

On Saturday, a one-minute clip was played during the show. The newest video teaser featured two different teams getting prepared for a big game.

Swift's lyrics of the latest single sound like she was meeting a new love of her life. Her newest music, "Ready for It," is the second song she got for her sixth album, "Reputation."

On that the same day, the 27-year old singer was reported attending the wedding of her best friend, Abigail Anderson, at Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Despite her busy schedule, the young singer still managed to spend her time on her best friend's most special day. Over the past weeks, Swift continued to be on the topic of discussion when she surprised her fans with her latest single, "Look What You Made Me Do."

The new song

When Swift released the full song, "Ready For It," on the different streaming sites, her fans couldn't help but noticed the difference of the song's lyrics from the previous, "Look What You Made Me Do" single.

Unlike the unusual sound of her previous music, her new song seemed to feature an "in love" brunette singer. Further, the People reported that her newest single which was released completely on Sunday morning sounded a lot like "Red" and "1989."

One of her avid fans posted a tweet on Twitter, and she wrote, "Ready for it @taylorswift13!!!” Apparently, Swift has made all fans happy once more with her new music on release.

After several hours of announcing its release, Swift's snippet for “Ready for It” has eventually made more than two million views on YouTube. Most of her fans have considered it as one of the best songs she had ever made.

It was also reported that the Grammy singer posted a teaser video for her new single on Instagram before fully releasing her new tune.

This latest song is believed to tackle about love and new beginnings.

Perhaps, Swift has dedicated this song to her new found romance, Joe Alwyn. "Ready for It" was dropped after a week that Swift’s "Look What You Made Me Do" music video also made a buzz in the social media world.