Paris Jackson, the 19-year old model, flaunted her newest tattoo on her chest by posing for a Nude Photo recently. The daughter of the late Michael Jackson took to Instagram on Saturday and shared a censored topless photo through her Instagram stories. E! News reported that the young model sported her fresh tattoo which clearly featured a chakra symbol which runs down to her sternum.

Several tattoos

Apart from her newest ink on her chest, Jackson is known for having several tattoos on her body. She also shared a photo of herself on social media which showed her dressed body while having her tattoo covered.

On the caption, Jackson wrote, "Secreting blood and plasma everywhere."

Her chakra symbol is one of her latest inks she got added to her chest. However, Jackson is also known for having tattoos which completely matched with her godfather, Macaulay Culkin, who also shared a photo on Instagram before.

Jackson recently shared about her point of views about nudity back then. She added that it is her way of expressing freedom and her act of becoming healthier. The young model also told her followers that being naked is already part of being human. As she exposed her nudity on the social media page, Jackson also added that she felt more connected to her Mama Gaia by doing it.

Nudity is expressing oneself

The late Michael Jackson's daughter has never been shy about exposing her body on her Instagram. According to WJLA, Jackson slammed some online trolls recently after criticizing her for her nude photos posted online.

Jackson emphasized that being nude is her way of expressing her real self. It has been her movement in "going back to nature." She even took to Instagram and revealed that exposing a bit of her body is her kind of philosophy.

Further, Jackson also believed that being naked is a beautiful thing and it doesn't need to be related to anything that is sexual.

She also believed that her body is no longer just a temple but is also her way of expressing feminism. Having tattoos and posing nudes have been Jackson's movement of expressing herself in her most comfortable manner.

Back in July, Jackson reportedly went into a retreat, and she was noticed documenting her trips by posting several topless photos on Instagram. In one of her latest photos, the young model was seen kneeling on a Buddha statue as part of her spiritual retreat. Perhaps, being naked or being clothed is no longer the basis of a person's spiritual well-being.