When "This Is Us" ended its first season on March 14, 2017, the NBC series left a lot of viewers wanting more. The popular show is returning on Tuesday, September 26, and will pick up exactly where it left off. In other words, the individual stories of the characters will continue. To understand the new storylines, fans might need a refresher about how Season 1 ended with each one of the Pearsons.

The parents

Fans of the show are expecting the answer to the big question about Jack's death. Producers have promised that the answer will come through loud and clear in the upcoming season.

However, viewers should not expect the answer in the first episode. A big clue will be provided, but the show's creator warns that it might raise even more questions.

Most people still remember the powerful speech during the finale of the first season that was made by Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia. Before his wife, Rebecca, played by Mandy Moore, kicked him out of the house, Jack expressed his love for her after he ruined her show.

The triplets

Randall, played by Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown, made an abrupt decision to quit his job after the death of his biological father. Thinking about William's death and his own adoption, he tells his wife, Beth, played by Susan Kelechi Watson, that he wants them to adopt a child.

While Randall had time to think about it, Beth was caught off guard. It is evident that they will have to make some major adjustments because Randall is now a stay-at-home dad while still grieving the death of his own father.

Kate, played by Emmy nominee chrissy metz, has decided not to rush into marriage even though she and Toby are engaged and are living together following his heart attack.

Kate wants to do something to feel better about herself. She is considering gastric bypass surgery and a singing career. She loves to sing, and she is good at it. In real life, she is a singer in a band and will actually sing during Season 2. That's something to look forward to seeing.

When viewers last saw Kevin, played by Justin Hartley, he was off to Broadway to star in a Ron Howard production with a Sylvester Stallone cameo.

This is a good career move for Kevin because he will finally be taken more seriously than he was in his "Manny" roles. Kevin recently connected with his ex-wife. There might be a conflict because he will have to balance his time with her and his career.

"This Is Us" is a series known for its emotional scenes, and there will be plenty of them in the upcoming season. There will also be some surprise twists. Don't miss the premiere of Season 2 on Tuesday, September 26 at 9 p.m. on NBC.