"Riverdale" actor K.J Apa was involved in a Car Accident on September 22, 2017. The actor, who plays the character, Archie Andrews, was driving a rented car when the accident occurred. It has since been confirmed that Apa has suffered no injuries and his cast members have been sharing photographs of their friend.

The actor was driving home after a day's work

According to Deadline, "Riverdale" actor K.J Apa was recently in a car accident when he was driving home after a fourteen hour day filming for the popular Netflix series. It has been confirmed that the actor fell asleep at the wheel and momentarily lost control of his vehicle.

In a report by io9, the vehicle crashed into a lamppost and was jolted awake. K.J Apa was immediately attending to once emergency services arrived at the scene. After a thorough examination, it was confirmed that the actor had suffered no injuries and was released at the scene.

Fans have taken their concerns about the actor to social media and are eagerly awaiting more news about the accident. It appears that the accident was a minor one but could have been much more serious in nature.

Warner Brothers has released a statement

According to E! News, Warner Brothers Production Company have released a statement about the incident. They stated that they have a policy in their company that if a member of their team is feeling tired they can notify them and be driven home.

Warner Brothers have confirmed that K.J Apa did not let any of the personnel know that he was exceptionally tired on the night of the accident.

They have also responded to claims that they were giving the actor too many hours as it was reported that he worked fourteen hours that day. The studio has stated that the actors work on a daily basis and that they are not scheduled to work long days every day of the week.

The studio has confirmed that the day before the accident K.J Apa worked only two and a half hours. The day before this, he worked seven hours.

In a report by Deadline, Warner Brothers have stated that they are extremely grateful that the incident was not more serious and are grateful that K.J Apa is unharmed. The company has confirmed that they are going to reiterate the importance of car safety to their cast and crew.

When fans of "Riverdale" first heard the news, they were extremely worried for K.J Apa's wellbeing. They have since taken to social media to express their relief that the accident was not more serious, and are looking forward to the return of the hit TV series.