Fans of "This Is Us" seem to be so obsessed with wanting to know how Jack Pearson died that they might miss some of the other important elements of the NBC's popular show created by Dan Fogelman. The 12.94 million viewers who watched the premiere of Season 2 of "This Is Us" on Tuesday, September 26 couldn't help but see that quite a few children appeared as younger versions of the Pearson triplets.

Children appeared in the first season as recurring Cast Members, but from now on, they will appear more often. They will have bigger roles because six children have been promoted to regular cast members.

There are younger versions and teenage versions of each of the adult Pearson triplets who celebrated their 37th birthday on the premiere episode,

Younger versions

Even though the younger Pearson children are not the exact replica of the adults, they are close enough in looks and mannerisms to pass as the younger versions. Three Kates appeared on the Red Carpet in Los Angeles at the event promoting the second season. This season, Kate Pearson is portrayed by nine-year-old Mackenzie Hancsicsak and teenager Hannah Zeile. Of course, Emmy nominee Chrissy Metz plays the adult Kate Pearson.

Randall and Kevin also have two other cast members playing their younger selves. The younger Randall is played by Lonnie Chavis.

The teenage Randall is played by Niles Fitch. Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown shines as the adult version of Randall. Parker Bates plays the younger Kevin, and Logan Shroyer plays the teenage Kevin. Justin Hartley plays the adult version.

It is interesting that Mandy Moore, played by Mandy Moore, has no other versions. She transforms herself into the young and older version of Rebecca Pearson.

Other recurring actors promoted to regulars

Alexandra Breckinridge, who plays Kevin's ex-wife, Sophie, was promoted to a regular. That means viewers will see more of her this season as she and Kevin interact. Jon Huertas, who plays Miguel, was also promoted as a series regular. He was Jack's friend and Rebecca's second husband.

Jack's death

For those who want to know more about Jack Pearson's death, there were some big clues at the end of the first episode when the teenage children were seen more prominently as they mourned the loss of their father. Viewers saw evidence of a fire, but they still don't know the details about it. Creator Dan Fogelman had warned that the clues about Jack's death would raise more questions about his death.