Season 30 of "The Amazing Race" has confirmed that Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are contestants. They met and were in a showmance known as Jody on "Big Brother" Season 19 that ended on September 20, 2017. While on the show, they talked about wanting to participate on the reality show where they could compete together as a team.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jessica was thrilled they had been chosen to participate. She found out while "Big Brother" was still going on. Therefore, Cody did not find out about the news until after the finale.

She took it upon herself to answer for both of them. When Cody found out, he said if that's why Jessica wants, then he is cool with it. They are going from one reality show to another in such a short time.

Jessica, 26, was evicted from the "Big Brother" house on day 51. Cody, 32, lasted longer and was evicted after 58 days and was sequestered in the jury house until the finale. America voted him as their favorite, and he walked away with $25,000.

About 'The Amazing Race'

Season 30 of "The America Race" begins on Sunday, October 1 at 11:30 a.m. So far, Jessica and Cody are the only ones confirmed for the reality show that will be live. Contestants will start at Washington Square Park at 5th Ave and Waverly Place in New York City and compete in a race around the world.

It will be interesting in seeing how they will work together after having seen them play the game on "Big Brother."

The grand prize for the winning team is $1 million. Since there are two of them, each will get $500,000 which was the prize that Josh Martinez received for winning "Big Brother 19."

Crossover from 'Big Brother'

Jessica and Cody are not the first alums who crossed over from "Big Brother." For instance, Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder teamed up together.

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas also competed on both shows. Then there were alums who did it in the reverse order. Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon competed on "Big Brother" in Season 17 after leaving "The Amazing Race."

Jody's experience probably won't be as controversial as their time was on "Big Brother." They will get the chance to prove what they can do without having to deal with houseguests.

Jessica confessed to The Hollywood Reporter that they didn't have a fighting chance on "Big Brother" after everyone turned against them. She said she is looking forward to competing against a group of real competitors. Cody said on several occasions that he did not like any of the houseguests.

What do you think about Jessica and Cody being contestants on "The Amazing Race"? Do you think they will do well working together? Are you going to watch the show, or have you seen enough of Jody?