Last week on "The Young and the Restless," there were several times when Victoria warned her ex-husband not to use Phyliss's computer again to spy on Jabot. She even voiced her suspicions that his current girlfriend may be working with his brother to sabotage "Brash and Sassy." Billy did not listen and spoiler alerts indicate this week he will pay the price. He will gain access to his brother's corporate secrets one more time, unaware that Jack has laid a trap for him.Billy falls right into his older sibling's hands and is exposed for Corporate Espionage.

Phyllis will be shocked that he used her computer to help the mother of his children. She will be more disturbed to learn how Jack used her to hurt her lover.

Billy's fatal mistake

Phyllis did not know that her lover used her computer twice, with Dina's password to gain information about his brother's company. Victoria warned Billy not to try again because corporate espionage is a serious offense. He will not listen because he has an addictive personality and loved taking risks. His gambling syndrome will kick in and Mr. Abbot simply will not be able to help himself. Jack knows this and that is why he will confidently lay a trap for his younger sibling, confident he will walk right into it. Billy's fatal mistake is the fact that he cannot say no when it comes to taking a risk.

Billy loves the intrigue of keeping a secret from Phyllis and also pulling one over on his big brother. Jack, however, has been doing this longer and is more ruthless. He wants to crush his younger sibling as well as his ex-wife because they betrayed him by having an affair. A level-headed Victoria can sense trouble on the way and wants to prevent it.

A few weeks back she praised her former husband for maturing, but now some of his old personality will cause them problems.

Billy will pay dearly for his actions

Once Jack exposes his brother there are several possible outcomes to this story. Corporate espionage is a serious crime so Billy could be facing prison time. There is no doubt his big brother will want him thrown in the jail, but his sisters may desire leniency.

Ashley will be angry that her little brother tried to take down the company their father built, but she may not want him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as Jack does. And no one is to blame but Billy himself.

Spoiler alerts indicate that Beth Maitland will reprise her role as Traci Abbot, and she may return just in time to save her youngest sibling. Traci, however, will not be able to stop the fallout where Phyllis is concerned. When Billy's lover finds out that he risked everything for his ex-wife the humiliation will probably cause her to throw him out. Victoria will be happy about that but probably will not yet welcome him back with open arms. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."