Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" tease that Cane and his baby mama will find themselves in a compromising situation. This week, Mr. Ashby will invite Juliet to the Chancellor mansion where he is currently living. It's possible that things will heat up between them and "Jane, " And it will be because of Lily.

Lily won't stand by her man

Lily is hurt and continues to act out of the pain she is feeling. Spoiler alerts say that she will walk out on a counseling session and this will give Juliet her opening to make a move on her baby daddy.

Cane will invite her to dinner, and this will put them in a compromising situation. Ms. Helton has been watching and waiting for just the right moment to test the waters with her baby daddy, Even though Hilary keeps telling her she does not stand a chance. Ms. Curtis was all for Cane and Lily breaking up until Jordan dropped her to spend more time with Mrs. Ashby. Hillary has now gone from supporting "Jane" to insisting that nothing can come between "Lane."

Juliet, however, will take advantage of this time alone with the father of her unborn son. Cane may be weary from trying to save his marriage and reconnect with his children. He has already shown that he is a weak man based on the many time's women such as Hilary, Juliet, Amber, and Chloe have pulled one over on him.

It would be easy for Cane just to relax and enjoy the attention that the mother of his son is willing to give him. All because Lily is choosing not to stand by her man.

The Chancellor mansion may be the key

Once Juliet sets foot in Cane's new digs, the wheels may start churching in her mind. She may begin visualizing herself as the new lady of the manor.

The Chancellor mansion is huge, and Ms. Helton might think it the perfect place to raise her child. She can't pretend she is about to be put out on the street because she received a large settlement in the "Brash and Sassy" lawsuit. Juliet may, however, offer Cane financial assistance for allowing her to stay with him.

Cane is also a husband who is used to his needs being met.

This time away from his wife could make him vulnerable, and more accepting should Juliet make herself available. He has been telling everyone that he wants his wife and children back, but Lily's actions may be the final nail in the coffin for "Lane." Spoiler alerts don't give much detail but should "Jane" hook up, and it does not necessarily indicate that they will remain together as a couple. If it turns out down the road that the baby is not Cane's, this will change everything. Keep watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS.