Spoiler alerts tease that "Villy" will head into some dangerous territory this week on "The Young and the Restless". They may give in to the passion that has been growing between them, or Billy could be exposed for manipulating sales at Fenmores and hacking his girlfriend's computer. There is also the possibility that something completely different will come their way.

Phyllis should be careful what she is looking for

Jack and Phyllis are both stunned by the sudden increase in sales of Jabot products at Fenmores. He believes his brother has done something sneaky, while she wants Victoria to be the culprit.

On Friday, Phyllis asked Ravi to use his computer skills to find out if someone has hacked Jabot's files. Unknown to Ms. Summers/Abbott, Billy used her la[top along with Dina's password to gain access to what his brother was planning. Should Ravi uncover this information, Phyllis will know that her man has deceived her, in order to help his ex-wife.

Phyllis is so eager to prove that Victoria is scheming against her, that she is missing the forest because of the trees. It would never occur to her that Billy could possibility betray her in this manner. If the fact that he used her computer and paid people to shop at Fenmores comes to light Phyllis will be in a tough spot. She will be shocked to find out that her lover and not his former wife is the culprit.

She then would be placed in the position of keeping the secret or snitching to Lauren and Jack. Ms. Summers/Abbott should be careful because she just might find what she is looking for.

Danger is waiting for 'Villy'

Billy and Victoria could find themselves in a compromising situation where they finally give in to the passion that is growing between them.

Viewers realize that "Villy" never stopped loving each other, but they simply drifted apart because Vicky was hiding her father's secrets and Phyllis was on the prowl. Billy ran into a hot and bothered Ms. Summers/Abbott just after he believed Vicky had blown him off. Once "Philly" hooked up again they were joined at the hip.

The spoiler alerts don't specify what is going to happen so that leaves the possibility that the ex-spouses may get into hot water in some other manner. It's possible, of course, that all three scenarios could come to pass. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons to find out what happens with this love triangle while continuing read spoilers to stay a few days ahead of current storylines.