One of the biggest supporters of Donald Trump has been conservative author Ann Coulter. While that was the case during the election, Coulter has appeared to have jumped off the Trump train and is not holding back her frustrations with the president.

Coulter on Trump

Not long after Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president in the summer of 2015, it became clear that his run for office would be unlike any in history. Trump's remarks during his announcement for president came under fire when he labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers," which drew a line in the sand for those who would support or oppose him.

Though the former host of "The Apprentice" made many enemies in the majority of the mainstream media and in Hollywood, those on the far-right made sure to flock to his side, pushing back against the political left and establishment Republicans. One name that was one of the most vocal in her support was Ann Coulter, who went as far as publishing a book titled "In Trump We Trust," which was released during the 2016 presidential election. Despite this, Coulter has been highly critical of Trump during his short time in office, which continued during a scathing tweetstorm on September 17.

Taking to her Twitter account on Sunday was Ann Coulter, who doubled down on her recent attack on Donald Trump and his presidency.

"The 1 fact (before DACA betrayal) that made die-hard Trump voters hate him: White House full of Goldman Sachs bankers," Coulter tweeted out in reference to the large number of bankers in the current administration.

"Even Bush had only 3 Goldman Sachs officials in admin.

Trump's had 6," Ann Coulter pointed out in a follow-up tweet. In response to an article in The Intercept that claimed a crowd of Trump supporters cheered the president's decision to hire Goldman Sachs' Gary Cohn, Coulter was quick to correct the record. "Correction: The audience in Cedar Rapids, Iowa did NOT cheer Trump's boasting about Goldman's Gary Cohn," Coulter tweeted.

In an additional tweet, Ann Coulter fired back at Republican Sen. Roy Blount for his comments about Donald Trump's long-promised border wall. "Sen @RoyBlunt, Trump voters aren't waiting for him to declare the border "operationally secure." They want a -- what's it called? -- A WALL," Coulter wrote. Not stopping there, Coulter went on to mock Fox News for booking a guest that didn't appear in line with what the author's views are on the president, tweeting, "Fox guest Guy Benson: Trump base is FINE with amnesty & no wall!

It must be hard to find guests who've just emerged from a 3-year coma."

Moving forward

With the likes of Ann Coulter and other die-hard supporters turning on him, Donald Trump has been backed into a corner. Over the last week, the president has made curious moves on policies and politics, reaching a deal with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on the debt ceiling and reversing course on DACA, as well as the latest reports suggesting that the United States will no longer pull out of the Paris Climate deal. With the pressure mounting, Trump is down to just a 35 percent approval rating in the most recent round of polling.