Megyn Kelly had a taste of her own medicine during Jane Fonda and Robert Redford's guest appearance on her newest NBC program aired Wednesday. The two actors graced the interview to promote their Netflix drama "Our Souls At Night" ahead of its release on Friday.

Kelly's awkward interview with Fonda, Redford

The host opened the interview with questions relating to the series before she took a sudden detour and discussed aging. Megyn Kelly then asked Jane Fonda about her secret in maintaining a youthful look followed by questions regarding the work she had done to stay beautiful.

She even asked the "Barefoot in the Park" star why she was not proud of getting plastic surgery. The host also tried a different approach after the 79-year-old actress refused to give an answer to her question.

But instead of getting what she wanted to hear, the "Megyn Kelly Today" host was shut down by Jane Fonda when she suggested changing the topic. "I take care of myself. But let me tell you why I love this movie that we did, "Our Souls at Night," rather than plastic surgery," she clapped back.

Celebrities react to Fonda's respond to Kelly

Jane Fonda earned the praise of several celebrities and fans for her respond to Megyn Kelly for bringing up something the actress was uncomfortable to talk about.

Sarah Michelle Gellar accused the NBC host of a double standard for failing to ask Robert Redford the same question about plastic surgery.

Heather Hogan also tweeted about the awkward interview alongside a screenshot of Jane Fonda from the morning program.

The awkward encounter came after Debra Messing expressed her dismay on Megyn Kelly over her gay comments.

On Monday's episode, the former Fox News reporter asked a "Will & Grace" fan if the long-running TV series has inspired him to become gay or lawyer, referring to Eric McCormack’s character as a gay lawyer.

"I don’t know about the lawyer thing, but I think that "Will & Grace" thing and the gay thing is going to work out great," the host added.

Her comments have made Debra Messing regret her decision to appear on Megyn Kelly's program. When asked why she agreed to be interviewed by the controversial host, the "Will & Grace" actress said they were told it was "Today Show" and did not know it was Megyn Kelly's talk show.

A source, however, revealed that Debra Messing was asked by a higher-up in the NBC Entertainment division to "cut it out" with Megyn Kelly.