Dollar Bill's sons have had a friendly rivalry since Wyatt Fuller came to town and found out that Dollar Bill Spencer was his father. The siblings have dated and even married the same women, and now are battling for control of the family dynasty "Spencer Publications." Wyatt is angry that his father is allowing Liam to run the company. This is because he is totally out of the loop regarding his father's latest dastardly deed.

Sibling rivalry at its best

When Wyatt first came to LA., he set his sights on Hope Logan even though his brother Liam was dating her.

Over the years The brothers Spencer have both dated Ivy and Hope as well as been married to Steffy. Now the sons of Dollar Bill are vying for the reigns of the family business because their father just took a leave of absence and placed Liam in charge.Wyatt is thoroughly confused because he is the son who is most like dear old dad. When Liam screams foul play. Wyatt defends their father's harsh business decisions. And he laughs when Bill refers to his brother as a boy scout and Dudley do-gooder.

Wyatt does not know that Liam found out that Bill ordered "Spectra Fashions" to be burned down, or that he lied to Thomas that Caroline was dying of a rare disease. He has been blindsided because he believed there was an understanding between himself and his father that he would be the heir apparent to the Spencer throne.

Now he must report to his brother as his superior and does not like it one bit. Wyatt nows something more is going on but has not yet been made privy to all the details.

The brothers Spencer will survive

Last week Spoiler alerts teased that Wyatt and Bill may team up to overthrow Liam's run as CEO at "Spencer Publications." This would only be able to happen if Wyatt were told the real reason his father handed over the keys to the kingdom to his sibling.

Because of the sibling rivalry, and feeling like Liam always gets the girl, the dark side to Wyatt may emerge. He just might be willing to help his father stage a coup to regain control of his company. If Liam is forced out then Wyatt may have a shot at being in charge.

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p.m. Stay tuned for more episodes to find out what will happen next. Keep on the lookout for spoiler alerts to find out in advance what move Dollar Bill and the brothers Spencer will make next. No matter what Liam and Wyatt love each other and will survive in spite of the misdeeds of their dastardly father.