Liam and Steffy are slowly but surely growing apart on "The Bold and the Beautiful." She wants to see the rift between her husband and his father mended, and the Spencer men reunited. Liam, however, wants to maintain the power that is now in his hands, and use it for good.

Dollar Bill Spencer strikes again

Bill Spencer was determined to raze the Spectra building and erect his skyscraper at any cost. He had Justin hire someone to burn the building down and Liam figured it out. Bill never believed his do-gooder son would turn on him but he was wrong.

Even Steffy did not believe her husband would go that far but he did. Liam demanded control of "Spencer Publications" or he would turn his father in to the authorities for arson. Bill conceded and signed control of his company over to his son, and took a leave of absence.

On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," there were signs of trouble in paradise. Steffy told Liam that he is changing and you can see in her eyes that she does not like the direction he is headed. She keeps trying to get him to work things out with Bill, but Liam says his dad only wants the company back and is not really interested in reconciliation. Steffy emphasizes that Bill is her husband's father, and that is exactly why the Spencer men should work things out.

The rift between Liam and Steffy will only grow

The disappointment in Steffy's eyes was noticeable. She never expected her son to follow in the footsteps of his father. Liam is showing a side that even he did not realize was within him. Running a company of the magnitude of "Spencer Publications" takes a certain type of resolve and Liam will need it in order to swim with the big boys and not sink.

In the process, his wife is questioning his judgment, his father hit him, and his brother Wyatt is angry because he wanted to run Spencer should Bill ever step down.

Should Steffy find out that Liam helped Sally Spectra behind her back this will really widen the gap between them. Dollar Bill has warned Steffy that her husband is developing feelings for Sally, but she does not believe it.

As the rift between Liam and his wife deepens the bond between Liam and Sally will probably become more defined. Bill will be glad to use it in order to regain his company. Wyatt believed he was the heir apparent to the Spencer dynasty and after the initial shock wears off, he too will want to oust this brother the usurper. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 1:30 p.m. for more episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful."