Things will be heating up this week on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Spoiler alert indicates that Dollar Bill is about to pay for his crimes. Liam secretly recorded his dad admitting to having the Spectra building burned down. And now Bill Spencer is about to pay for his crimes.

Bill Spencer will be arrested

Liam has been pondering what to do ever since his dad admitted hiring someone to set the "Spectra Fashions" building on fire. Steffy felt it best to not say anything, but her husband has a conscience. Spoiler alerts say this week, the truth will be revealed, and Bill Spencer is going to be arrested.

Whether or not the charges stick however remains to be seen. Bill has a way of paying his way out of sensitive situations.

The news of how low Dollar Bill sank this time will be shocking, especially for Thomas and Sally. Ms. Spectra has not done one thing to Bill, yet she has been his target all along. There may be a way that Bill is ordered to pay Sally and her cousin C.J. for the damage to the building, and she can use the money to start over. Brooke will no doubt be outraged at what lengths her spouse goes to in order to have his way. She may not be waiting when he is released after posting bail.

Liam is in hot water and Sally may decide to leave town

Sally Spectra may be sick and tired of all the drama, and decide to leave town.

Bill Spencer burning down her building with her collection of fashions inside, along with lying that Caroline was dying could be too much for the fiery red head. She might decide it is better to make a clean break from all things Spencer and Forrester. Liam believed everyone needed to know the truth of his father's actions, and he will be happy for Sally and Thomas, but he has made an enemy of one of the most powerful men in town.

And it is his own father. Liam now is really in some hot water.

Dollar Bill is devious and you never know what he may be planning. He could try to push Wyatt and Steffy together so that Liam ends up alone. Naturally, he will cut his son off without a dime, firing him and kicking him out of his home. Liam definitely will now be in hot water, and nothing Wyatt or Brooke says will change Bill's mind once he decides to go after his own son.

Stay tuned week day afternoons at 1:30 p.m. EST to watch "The Bold and the Beautiful." And find out how Liam's life changes after exposing his father as an arsonist. Nothing will stop Dollar Bill Spencer once he is on a roll. His desire for revenge will out weight the love he has for his son.