On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," things really heated up for Dollar Bill. His lawyer and trusted confidante, Justin Barber, convinced him to accept Liam's offer, and Bill reluctantly agreed. He signed on the dotted line, making his son the new ruler of "Spencer Publications."

It's official—Liam reigns for now

Bill walked into his office to find Liam sitting at his desk. He expressed his disbelief that his own son had blackmailed him, but Liam placed the blame on his dad for setting the fire at Spectra. The fierce anger at being bested by his own flesh and blood was clear in Bill Spencer's eyes.

Liam pointed out that he wants to take the company in a different direction, but his father said he will never fill his shoes.

With the stroke of a pen, Dollar Bill took a leave of absence from the company that he loved and nurtured. He turned the reigns over to his son Liam to avoid going to jail for arson. After signing the papers that Liam had drawn up, Bill punched his son so hard he fell on the floor. He told him that he does not get even with his enemies, he decimates them. He then walked out of the Spener Publications office.

Wyatt believes Bill trusts him with company over Liam

As Liam and his dad were finalizing their deal, Steffy showed up at Katie's and gave her a warning that something big is about to break that will shock everyone.

Steffy does not give any details but tells the Forrester Creations PR person to be ready to deal with the situation when it breaks. Katie went back to her bedroom where Wyatt was waiting. Unaware of what was about to take place, they ironically began to discuss Spencer Publications.

He told her that his brother does not have what it takes to run the company, and that Bill would never put his sibling in that position.

Little did he know that what he was speaking about had actually taken place. Liam is now the CEO of his father's company and that makes him Wyatt's boss. When the news breaks, there will be so many questions. Running Spencer Publications is no piece of cake, and Liam will have big shoes to fill.

Dollar Bill is ruthless and cares only about the bottom line.

His son loves to help those who cannot help themselves. This is the big difference between the two men. Bill did not want to give in to Liam, but Justin pointed out that they both could go to prison.

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