On "The Bold and the Beautiful," it seems Liam Spencer has decided to reach out and grab the keys to the kingdom from Dollar Bill. His wife Steffy is concerned because she has never seen this assertive side of her husband before. She worries he may be more like his father than he realizes.

Liam is determined to come out on top

Dollar Bill is a ruthless take no prisoners business man. On Wednesday, Liam accused his father of paying minimum wages and benefits to "Spencer Publications" employees. Liam was fed up with all the evil his dad had done and ordering Spectra to be burned down was the last straw.

And gave his father 24 hours to step down and name him the heir apparent to the family business. On Friday Bill is processing it all as Brooke tries to find out what is wrong with him. Simultaneously Liam is announcing his plans to a skeptical Steffy who worries he is in over his head.

She asks her spouse if he would really have his father arrested for arson, and points out that the relationship between Dollar Bill and Liam would suffer extreme damage. She tells her husband that she has never seen this side of him and notices that he seems to be enjoying being in a position of power over his father. Liam says he does not want to send his father to jail and is expecting Bill to give him control of "Spencer Publications." His wife says it will never happen but even as she speaks Steffy clearly is wondering if it will.

Dollar Bill decides to step aside and let Liam run his business

At the end of Friday's episode, Dollar Bill tells Brooke that he wants some time off and will take a leave of absence. He adds that he will step aside and allow Liam to be in charge of "Spencer Publications.". His wife asks him why he would do that but Bill does not answer.

At the same time, Liam is telling Steffy how he wants to take Spencer in a new direction. You could see the wheels turning and how excited he is to be in this position of power position.

For possibly the first time since he has been running the company, Bill Spencer has been bested. And it was not by a rival, who was a worthy opponent.

It was his son whom he refers to as "Dougie do gooder," "Dudley do right," the "boy scout," and "goody two shoes." Dollar Bill never in his wildest dreams could imagine that Liam of all people would tape their conversation and use his admission of guilt against him. Steffy has good reason to be worried because her husband is shaping up to be a chip off the old block. Al too soon she might be thinking; "Like father like son."