Javi Marroquin was shocked when he learned that his wife, Kailyn Lowry, wanted a divorce. The two were married for a couple of years and despite their differences, Marroquin was ready to fight for his marriage. However, Kailyn revealed that she didn't want to fight for her marriage with Javi, as she thought that the marriage was toxic. They constantly fought and had disagreements, and she felt that they were not the best fit for one another anymore.

When Kailyn suffered the miscarriage, she was grieving. She wanted her husband’s support, but after leaving the hospital, Javi wanted to go get a haircut.

Lowry thought he was being insensitive and revealed that she wanted a husband who could really attend to her needs.

Despite getting a divorce on "Teen Mom 2," Javi Marroquin still wants to find love. He wants a relationship where he can trust his partner, and be the best father to any future kids as well. One can imagine that Javi will jump into a relationship with the potential of marriage if he found the one for him. Since the divorce, he has been dating, but those relationships did not work out.

Another reality show?

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin has expressed interest in going on "The Bachelor" to find love. One of his followers suggested this plan for him and he seems more than excited to explore the possibility of having a love connection with someone special.

It is possible that he would get what he wanted if "The Bachelor" made a celebrity edition of the show.

"The Bachelor" just announced the next Bachelor, which means there won't be an open slot for the show until the following year. It is possible that the current "Bachelor" contestants won’t be happy to see an MTV reality star on the show.

But Marroquin's comments about finding love may prove that he is more than ready to find someone to call his wife. When Kailyn filed for divorce, Marroquin still had every intention of making his relationship with Kailyn work.

She wants nothing more with him

Kailyn has shut down every opportunity of their marriage happening. She wanted nothing to do with her marriage, as she called it toxic.

Lowry hinted that she was done with the marriage long before she decided to file for divorce and she expressed no interest in making it work with Javi.

It would be pretty amazing to see Javi Marroquin find love on "The Bachelor" as he would have 25 women to date. One could argue that this is a man's biggest dream, but Marroquin may be more mature about it than people think as he has a son who looks up to him and a stepson who adores him. He would want to set a good example for them as he finds love on a Reality Show.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin joking about going “The Bachelor” to find love on a reality show? Do you think it would be a fun season to watch?