It has not been long since Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi called off their engagement. Hence, both parties are still coping with single life after their short-lived romance on "The Bachelor" that ended with a proposal in the final episode.

'The Bachelor' couple call off engagement

Nick Viall was the first to speak up about the separation, wherein he revealed leaning on to his family and loved ones to move past his heartbreak. He was also thankful to his friends for sticking around whenever he needed comfort and support. "I'm trying to stay positive, being around friends and family.

It helps me stay positive," he said.

Although he was saddened that his relationship with Vanessa Grimaldi fell apart, the ABC star tried not to beat himself up over what happened. The former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant has also decided to believe in himself, which he said has helped him deal with the split.

Nick Viall later confessed that he is still in love with his ex-fiance even after they have called it quits. Aside from his family and friends, the TV personality considered Vanessa Grimaldi part of his support system. He added that both of them are trying to be there for each other although he confessed that it was difficult at times.

Vanessa Grimaldi, on the other hand, said her overall experience on "The Bachelor" has given her so much to remember in the future.

She also admitted that she and Nick Viall were faced with challenges that eventually led to their separation. "I fell for him hard, and when you fall in love that hard, your heart breaks even harder," she explained.

The sped teacher said they tried to save the relationship until they realized that they "weren't the best fit for each other" and ended up separating.

She also clarified that the split has nothing to do with distance which she said has never been an issue to both of them.

Viall updates fans after Grimaldi split

Although it appeared that the two had an amicable breakup, Nick Viall is still in the process of getting used to being single. The "Bachelor" star even confessed that "it's never fun" to be alone although he is trying to overcome this thought with optimism.

"Obviously relationships can be great and lovely and amazing and if they don't work out, you just kind of have to get through it," he told E! News. "Two great things as I've gotten older that I've learned to try and appreciate in life is having perspective and understanding that all things are relative."