Vanessa Grimaldi is having the time of her life in Los Angeles! The former "Bachelor" star is back in the City of Angels to celebrate her 30th birthday. Through her Instagram account, the Canada-based teacher uploaded a couple of snippets from her birthday bash to update her followers regarding how she has been doing since her split from Nick Viall.

Grimaldi flies to L.A. to celebrate birthday with colleagues

In one of her updates, the "Blue Mountain State" actress was all smiles while she held up a glass of champagne to kick off her "dirty 30 festivities" with friends.

The former "Bachelor" star looked stunning in a white crop top matched with a pair of ripped jeans.

Vanessa Grimaldi and her friends reportedly had their dinner at the Hyde Sunset in West Hollywood on Friday. After that, the group danced the night away at a local bar. Grimaldi even shared a funny photo of herself sitting beside "Big Brother" couple Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson. "New reality show concept #3rdwheelin," she captioned the post.

A source, however, told Entertainment Online that Vanessa Grimaldi was having a good time all through the night despite her recent breakup with Nick Viall. She said that the "Ascension" actress was "laughing and just having a fun time" during the night out.

Another affiliate claimed that Vanessa Grimaldi is finally "back to being herself" after her separation from Nick Viall, adding that the Canadian TV personality is just "happy and content" with how things are going in her life.

Aside from making the most of single life, she is also committed to her work as a special education teacher in Montreal.

In fact, she is reportedly planning to build sensory rooms following the success of a fundraising event she hosted back in July. Vanessa Grimaldi is also looking forward to holding another charity event as part of her vocation.

What went wrong between Grimaldi and Viall?

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall decided to stay in contact even after they called the engagement off in August.

The former "Bachelor" couple also promised to continue to support each other even after they called it quits. The pair reassured their fans that both of them were saddened by the decision to separate. Vanessa Grimaldi later expressed her sadness about the split, while Nick Viall claimed that he still loves his ex-fiance, who used to be his support system.

Both parties refused to provide further details on the separation, however, Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall are not the first "Bachelor" couple to have called it quits after their engagement on the show.