This year’s “Teen Mom,” features Jenelle Evans as the show’s major focus. Last week, it was revealed that Jenelle is having troubles with her parents, specifically Barbara. They are currently in what major publications describe to be a “binding custody agreement.” The two are evidently having a tough time settling. Adjusting to the last thing in their books, for now, a report by MTV reads. Jenelle Evans will soon be playing the role of Mrs. David Eason in the next “Teen Mom” installment. Thus, the ruckus that has ensued right before the show’s eventual roll-out is negatively impactful for her future.

What happened in the last episode?

The latest episode of “Teen Mom 2” premiered on Monday, September 18. During the episode, viewers found that Jenelle is losing the battle of custody to her mother, Barbara Evans.

The custody battle involves Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace. Jenelle – who is a mother to three children – is about to walk down the aisle and marry David. It was further revealed that Barbara is extremely fearful of David. This upsets Jenelle even more. All throughout the episode, Jenelle’s effort of mediating with all the members of her family are made evident. She has been putting conscious efforts into visiting Jace as many times as she can. The court-mandated visitations are, however, restricting her from having a lot of contact with Jace.

This week’s episode also witnessed Jenelle as establishing that she doesn’t wish to have kept contact with her mother. In fact, Jenelle won’t even be inviting her mother to her big day – the wedding of David. In Touch Weekly has quoted her as saying that she doesn’t consider Barbara her mother anymore.

The battle for custody?

On one hand, the custody drama took up much of the screen space. At the same time, Jenelle also has been facing issues with her ex, Nathan Griffith. As noted by Intouch Weekly, Griffith is set to marry his girlfriend, Ashley Lanhart. Last week, he took to Twitter to announce his engagement to Lanhart.

This has left Jenelle a bit shaken up. Later, however, the tweet had been removed. When the duo was approached to comment on the matter, they refuted the engagement rumors. To be honest, the tweet did not clearly state that they were engaged to get married. It simply was a picture of a beach, with a caption that consisted of a ring emoji. Additionally, Griffith’s mother has slapped an emergency custody for Jenelle’s youngest son, Kaiser. She was very upset with Jenelle’s lifestyle. It was discovered that Jenelle was consuming drugs even while being pregnant with Ensley, her youngest daughter. This was the ultimate tick-off point for Griffith’s mother, and thus, the emergency custody battle ensued.