Is "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham pregnant? The MTV reality star's on again, off again boyfriend, Simon Saran, claims that she is expecting her second child, but who is the father? Hollywood Life claims that a new photo of Farrah seemingly sporting a tiny baby bump has everyone talking about whether or not she's currently pregnant. When the website reached out to Simon to ask him if Farrah was indeed pregnant, he replied, “She just may be 26 and pregnant." When he was pushed to give a final answer on the pregnancy rumors, Saran finaly stated that "yes" Abraham is pregnant, but is he telling the truth?

Simon claims that Farrah may be pregnant with his baby, but is trying to cause controversy?

As many "Teen Mom OG" fans know, Simon Saran has been known to start a lot of controversy, trouble, and gossip. Simon continued to elaborate on the claim that Farrah Abraham is pregnant, stating that he may be the father, and that the reality star may want to go on "The Maury show" to find out. Simon also added that's he's "looking forward to being called daddy," joking that he would like the child to also call him daddy. While it seems that Simon may be making up the entire story to cause trouble, get publicity, or simply have a little fun with the media, the most recent photo of Farrah could suggest she's got a bun in the oven.

However, the "Teen Mom OG" star has been adamant about not having another child until she's married, although she did say that should would love to adopt a sibling for her daughter Sophia in the future. It doesn't seem likely that Simon Saran's claims about Farrah Abraham being pregnant with her second child are true, but when it comes to the "Teen Mom" stars, anything is possible.

Farrah and Amber are the only members of the franchise to not have multiple children.

Other than Amber Portwood, Farrah is the only "Teen Mom" cast member to not have a second pregnancy. Maci Bookout has two children, Catelynn Lowell has had two pregnancies, Chelsea Houska recently gave birth to her second child, Leah Messer has three little girls, and Jenelle Evans has three children.

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry is currently expecting her third child later this summer. So, another TMOG or TM2 baby wouldn't be the most shocking news for fans to digest. However, it would be a bit unexpected, especially when Farrah Abraham is involved. It seems Farrah is much more focused on her career than she is on expanding her family at this time.