Janet Jackson is a recently divorced mother who is currently trying to readjust to her new life as a single mom. The singer was previously married to a man who is rumored to have verbally abused her throughout their marriage. Jackson has not made a comment about these claims.

Singer was trapped in her marriage

According to Perez Hilton, Janet Jackson has revealed that she felt like a prisoner during her marriage with Wissam Al Mana. The pair divorced in April 2017, just a couple of months after their son Eissa was born. In a report by Perez Hilton, a source close to the couple has come forward with claims about their marriage.

The source has alleged that Janet was initially very taken with Wissam and that he was the perfect man. The couple was caught up in a whirlwind romance and the source has stated Wissam was able to provide for Janet Jackson by granting her privacy.

However, in a report by TMZ, this privacy that the couple had together soon turned bitter. The pair moved to the Middle East and Janet felt extremely repressed there both as a woman and as an artist, however, her husband did not seem to care.

The source has revealed that Jackson felt that her career was suffering and that she no longer wanted to live in the Middle East. It appears that Wissam wanted to have a traditional wife and was not happy with Janet's decision to remove herself from the Muslim community he was involved with.

This eventually led to the pair's divorce.

No response to rumors of abuse

According to TMZ, there are claims that Wissam abused Janet Jackson throughout the duration of their marriage. Rumors have surfaced that Wissam wanted a traditional Muslim wife and was unhappy with Janet. This allegedly is the reason behind the abuse that he gave throughout their marriage.

In a report by Perez Hilton, it has been confirmed that Wissam verbally abused Janet when she was expecting their first child. This abuse continued throughout the entire nine months of the singer's pregnancy. Instead of leaving Wissam, Janet remained in the home, as she did not know what to do.

According to TMZ, Janet Jackson has been asked about this abuse but, so far, she has not made a comment about these rumors.

It appears that these rumors are currently under investigation and fans of the singer are hoping that Jackson will fight Wissam in the courts.

Janet Jackson is still recovering from her divorce from her ex-husband and is trying to be the best mother she can to her baby boy. The singer has been trying to keep out of the media as she adjusts to her new life.