Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have reportedly rekindled their past relationship after going through a spiritual and intense counseling, Eye Witness News reported. The latest news came shortly after Jolie revealed that she is unhappy with her single life. Following the emotional meeting, the couple had realized how much they still love each other. Ian Halperin, the couple's biographer, confirmed the news that they are officially back together less than a year of announcing their split in September 2016.

Emotional discussion

Jolie and Pitt have been the topic of discussion since they announced their split last year.

However, both were reported having an emotional meeting, and lots of tears flow from each other. After their conversation, Eye Witness News reported that both decided to have a "fresh start" with each other.

Meanwhile, Halperin recently talked to The Mail on Sunday, and he revealed that it was Pitt who made the first move. Eventually, Halperin added that the couple eventually collapsed in each other's arms during that emotional meeting.

During their conversation, Halperin revealed that the couple expressed their emotions in tears and it was then when they decided to start a new chapter of their lives together.

Officially re-couple

It has been official that Jolie and Pitt are couples again. The Yahoo News further reported that both of them had undergone spiritual counseling sessions which became one of the reasons to get their ill-fated relationship back on track.

After the previous news which claimed that Jolie and Pitt decided to put their Divorce case on hold, the speculations have been answered that Jolie and Pitt were already making things work for the second phase of their relationship. The recent news about their rekindled romance comes as a surprise to most of their families and friends.

Over the past months, some of their co-stars thought that it would be hard for them to recover their marriage. However, their love for each other came out stronger than hatred. It was reported that the couple finally realized how happier they were when together than being separated.

Halperin further revealed that right now, the couple is feeling very positive.

Perhaps, they had realized that they cannot live each other apart. However, their recent reunion doesn't also mean that they will call off their divorce. More so, they thought that once their case is finalized, they will finally have a new sheet to build their relationship once more.