“Supergirl” season 3 has been confirmed. The show is scheduled to air on Monday, October 9. The show is going to witness Reign, played by actor Odette Annabelle, emerge as the villain. Additional details regarding the character have now been posted online. According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, executive producer of the show, Andrew Kreisberg said that Reign will initially be introduced as an ordinary person.

Characters in the show

She will be introduced to the viewers as well as the characters in the show as Samantha. In fact, she herself doesn’t have an idea of her true identity.

She thinks of herself as a single mom. The first half of the season will be focused on her journey towards realizing her heritage. Kreisberg further added that they have ensured that the villainous structures showcased in “The Flash,” and “Arrow” TV shows won’t be repeated in “The Supergirl.” Special attention will be paid to Samantha’s daughter Ruby as well. Ruby’s character will be played by child-actor, Emma Tremblay. She will be shown to be smart, sensitive, and funny but at the same time, an outcast in her group at school. She has many qualities that are similar to her mother. For example, she is fiercely independent and stands by her opinions. Ruby and Samantha are an inseparable pair, as they share great love and understanding for each other.

Reign’s character

Reign’s character has been showcased in the comics as being a “World killer.” According to a report by Bleeding Cool, Reign is the brain-child of Supergirl’s biological father, Zor-El. Zor-El created her as a Kryptonian tool to fight against enemies. She has been installed with all the superhuman qualities one can imagine, including the ability to fly.

But as time passes by, Reign gives into being rebellious against her own cause. Her first appearance can be noted back to March 2012 in the comic book, “Supergirl Volume 6 #5.” Her character has been sketched by artists, Michael Green, Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar. Anabelle at the San Deigo Comic Con in July last year had said that Reign has not been sent to Earth with the objective to end humanity.

She apparently had a “very specific agenda.” “Supergirl” season 3 will gradually unfold her main motives of coming back to Earth.

According to a report by Hidden Remote, Annabelle further said that Reign’s journey is amazing because it is actually quite a “heartbreaking story.” Fans will be able to connect with her on an emotional level, Annabelle added.