Farrah Abraham may not have the respect of many "Teen Mom OG" viewers, but she does have a loving daughter, several successful businesses, a curious fan base on social media, and plenty of money in the bank. Farrah made the decision to film an adult video a few years ago and her decision resulted in her getting millions deposited into her bank account. It also meant that many viewers of the show lost respect for her and worried about her young daughter. Abraham has done everything to capitalize on the success of her adult films, including launching a sex toy line.

The "Teen Mom OG" star has plenty of money for herself, so she's planning trips and vacations. This time around, Farrah decided to fly herself and her daughter to Greece. She shared pictures on social media of them in the Greek sun, soaking up the blue water and the beautiful hillsides. While Abraham and her daughter were having some bonding time, fans couldn't help but reach out to her and mock her. According to a new Instagram post, Farrah Abraham may be enjoying the sun in Greece, but one fan wanted to ship her off to a war zone. It sounds like some people still lack respect for her.

Harsh criticism

Farrah Abraham showed a picture of herself with her daughter on Instagram, holding up their passports.

She was excited to reveal that they were going to Greece. While many of her followers continued with the same criticism she always gets, others decided to take it to a new level. One person wanted to pay for her to go to a war zone, which sends a fairly big message.

"I hear Iraq is nice this time of year. I'll pay for your plane ticket.

See ya!" one follower wrote to Abraham.

While she didn't reply, one can imagine she's not exactly thrilled about this message. On "Teen Mom OG," Farrah is always showing off her thick skin and she seems to be able to handle criticism well. But when it comes to her daughter, she may get very defensive.

Why she's so hated by viewers

Farrah Abraham has expressed some level of regret when it comes to her sex tape. She has revealed that it probably wasn't the best decision, even though she secured herself millions of dollars in the process. Fans may not like her because she chose to do a sex tape, but the harsh comments probably appear because she's just as aggressive herself with her own mother. Fans have repeatedly said that she needs to be more respectful. It is possible fans wouldn't hate her so much if she showed more heart and compassion.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham's follower's comment?